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Volume 38, 1905
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Art. XI.—Notes on the Hemiptera of the “Index Fauna Nova-Zealandia.”

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 7th June, 1905.] Zoologists will be indebted to Captain Hutton for his reduction of the “Index,” certainly no light task; but it is a pity that the nomenclature of the Hemiptera was not brought up to date, as many of the species are now placed in genera other than those in which they were originally described. It would require a new list to present this corrected nomenclature, but the following notes may be useful:—

P. 221. (a.) For Nezara amoyti read N. amyoti.

(b.) Oncacontias vittatus (Fabr.) = Cimex vittatus, Fabr. = Anubis vittatus, Index = Acanthosoma vittata, Distant, 1900, Ann. Mag. N.H. (7), vi, 227 = Oncacontias brunneipennis, Breddin, 1903, S.B. Ges. Nat. Fr. Berlin, 219. Breddin's genus may be held, though the distinction from Acanthosoma is very slight. I can add Palmerston North (Quail) as a locality.

Additional Species and Varieties.

Fam. Cercopide.

Ptyelus (Phlanus ! sic, Index) trimaculatus,Walker, vars. tristis and latus, Alfken, 1904, Zool. Jahrb. Sys., xix, 598.

Fam. Chermidæ (Psyllidœ, Index).

Psyllia acaciœ, Maskell, 1894, Ent. Mo. Mag. xxx, 171; also found in Australia and Tasmania, probably introduced.

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Powellia vitreoradiata, Maskell, 1879, T.N.Z.I., xi, 223, pl. viii, f. 22.

Powellia doryphora, Maskell, 1880, i.c., xii, 291.

Trioza alexina, Marriner, 1903, T.N.Z.I., xxxv, 305, pls. 33, 34.

Probable Incorrect Inclusions.

The following species should be expunged from New Zealand lists till further confirmations. It is well known that many of the localities given in the voyages of the “Novara,” “Eugenie,” &c., are incorrect.

Fam. Cimicidæ (Pentatomidœ, Index).

Calliphara imperialis (included in T.N.Z.I., xxx, p. 169, but omitted in Index).

Scutiphora pedicellata (included in T.N.Z.I., xxx, p. 169, but omitted in Index).

Sciocoris helferi.

Platycoris immarginatus.

Fam. Macrocephalidæ (Phymatidœ, Index).

Phymata feredayi and conspicua: These are both the same (American) species, and were either accidentally introduced into New Zealand or were incorrectly labelled.

Fam. Reduviidæ.

Nabis lineatus: Probably included in error.

New Name.

The genus Morna, White, is preoccupied in the same order. In his Nomenclator Zool., p. 217, Scudder records, “Morna, White, Ent. Month. Mag., xv., p. 130 (=Romna, White); 1878, Hem., White.” I do not think this can be taken as a proposal of Romna as a new name by Scudder, especially as it is not included in its place in the list on page 281; and it seems best to establish Romna definitely now as a new name. and entomologists can quote either Romna, Scudder (or White?), 1882, or Romna, Kirkaldy, 1905, as they think fit.

I may add that I am working out the life-history of several Hawaiian Hemiptera, especially at present œchalia griseus and Hyalopeplus pellucidus.

I should be much obliged for specimens (in all stages, preferably preserved in alcohol) of any Novo-Zealandian Hemlptera, especially œchalia consocialis (Schellembergii), and any of the Capsidœ.