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Volume 38, 1905
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Family Astrorhizidæ.
Subfamily Astrorhizinæ.
Genus Pelosina, Brady.
Pelosina cylindrica, Brady.

Pelosina cylindrica, Brady, 1884, Rep. Chall., vol. ix, p. 236, pl. xxvi, figs. 1–6.

The occurrence of this species at a depth of only 110 fathoms is interesting, since in the “Challenger” dredgings it was an essentially deep-water form; the least depth at which it was found was 620 fathoms. It was also recorded from the “Challenger” station 169, in 700 fathoms. The “Gazelle” expedition obtained this species, however, at 82–86 meters (44 to 47 fathoms), from Western Australia.

Our specimens are typical, and of the normal size. The walls of the test are formed of a fine grey calcareous mud. Somewhat common.

Pelosina variabilis, Brady.

Pelosina variabilis, Brady, 1879, Quart. Journ, Micr. Sci., vol. xix, n.s., p. 30, pl. iii, figs. 1–3.

This interesting form is rare in our series. It was found in the “Challenger” dredgings at station 169, near to the present locality, at a depth of 700 fathoms.

Pelosina rotundata, Brady.

Pelosina rotundata, Brady, 1879, Quart. Journ. Micr. Sci., vol. xix, n.s., p. 31, pl. iii, figs. 4, 5.

The specimens found in our samples are not so evenly shaped as usual, but there seems to be no doubt of their identity with the above species.

The “Challenger” soundings from near this locality have yielded the same species at a depth of 700 fathoms.