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Volume 38, 1905
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– 84 –
Brachysiphon corbuliformis, sp. nov.
Plate III, figs. 2 a, b, 3.

Description.—Test roughly cylindrical, short; orally depressed, also basally when double-apertured; irregular in outline; composed of sand-grains and tests of other Foraminifera, as Globiqerina, cemented to a brown chitinous base or internal lining. Aperture more or less circular.

Dimensions.—About 0·8 mm. In diameter. Aperture about 0·28 mm. across.

This species reminds one of Profeonina difflugiformis, Brady sp., var. testacea, Flint,* in its general appearance It differs morphologically, however, in having a cylindrical cavity instead of an inflated chamber.

Rather common. Off Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, 110 fathoms.

[Footnote] * Rep. U.S. Nat. Mus. for 1897 (1899), p. 273, pl. xvi, fig. 1.