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Volume 38, 1905
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Genus Haplophragmium, Reuss.
Haplophragmium canariense, d'Orbingny sp.

Nonionina canariensis, d'Orbigny, 1839, Foram. Canaries, p. 228, pl. ii, figs. 33, 34.

Haplophragmium canariense, Brady, 1884, Rep. Chall, vol. ix, p. 310, pl. xxxv, figs. 1–5.

Several very fine and typical specimens occur in this dredging. Their tests are of a yellow to a ruddy-brown colour, and their texture somewhat coarsely arenaceous. It is a widely distributed form in recent deposits.

Haplophragmium globigeriniforme, Parker and Jones sp.

Lituola nautiloidea, var. globigeriniforme, Parker and Jones, 1865, Phil. Trans., vol clv, p. 407, pl. xv, figs. 46, 47.

Haplophragmium globigeriniforme, P. and J. sp., Brady, 1884, Rep. Chall., vol. ix, p. 312, pl. xxxv, figs. 10, 11.

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Brady regards this species as essentially of deep-water habitat, and it is consequently not surprising to find it but rarely in the sounding off Great Barrier Island. One of the specimens was accidentally broken. and showed the test to be very thin, and formed of almost uniform sand-grains very neatly cemented, and having a smooth surface both on the interior and exterior. In our specimen the chambers increase very rapidly in size with growth.

H. globigeriniforme has been recorded from the “Challenger” sta. 169, at 700 fathoms.