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Volume 38, 1905
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Subfamily Polystomellinæ.
Genus Nonionina, d'Orbigny.

Nonionina umbilicatula, Montagu sp.

Nautilus umbilicatulus, Montagu, 1803, Test. Brit., p. 191 Suppl., p. 78, pl. xviii, fig. 1.

Nomionina umbilicatula, Mont. sp., Egger, 1893, Abhand. k. bayer. Ak Wiss, cl. ii, vol. xviii, abth. ii, p. 426, pl. xix, figs. 36, 37. Millett, 1904, Journ. R. Micr. Soc., p. 600.

Brady records this species as abundant in the South Pacific. It was also found by Millett in the Malay Archipelago. Egger obtained it from soundings taken by the “Gazelle” off Mauritius and New Guinea.

Rare in our series.

Report on the Ostracoda.

All the species of Ostracoda here recorded, with the exceptions of Asterone australis, Brady, and Cytherideis hedleyr, sp. nov., have been previously described in the report on the dredgings made by the “Challenger,”* and the former species in a later publication by the same author.† The “Challenger” station nearest ours which yielded Ostracoda is No. 167, west of New Zealand, and from this three species only in common with our series are recorded. Among other localities which afford species in common with those of our list are: Off Booby Island. near Cape York, north-east Australia (“Challenger” sta. 187), and Cocos Island, Indian Ocean (coll., C. W. Andrews). Twelve species of Ostracoda of known forms occur in our dredging, but only four of these occur in each of the localities above mentioned; and, curiously, both of these dredging were taken in quite shallow water. The species which occur both in our list and that from Booby Island are Cythere tetrica C crispata C cancellata, and Xestoleberis margaritea Those from Cocos Island common to our list are C cancellata C prava C dictyon, and Xestoleberis margaritea.

The following is a list of the Ostracoda found in the present material, and the species new to the list given in the “Index Faunæ Novæ-Zealandiæ” are marked with an asterisk Of the fourteen species of Ostracoda given below, nine are new to the New Zealand area.

[Footnote] * Reports “Challenger” Expedition, Zoology, pt. iii, 1880: Ostracoda, G. S. Brady.

[Footnote] † Trans. R. Soc. Edin., 1890, vol xxxv, pt. ii (No. 14).

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  • *Cythere cancellata, G S. Brady.

  • *C crispata, G. S. B.

  • *C tetrica, G. S. B.

  • *C dictyon, G. S. B.

  • *C prava, Baird sp.

  • C dasyderma, G. S. B.

  • Krithe producta, G. S. B.

  • *Xestoleberis maraaritea, G. S. B. sp.

  • *X africana, G. S. B.

  • *Cytheriders hedleyi, sp. nov

  • *Cypridana danœ, G. S. B.

  • Asterope australis, G S. B.

  • Cytherella polita, G. S. B.

  • C pulchra, G. S. B.