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Volume 38, 1905
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– 109 –

Genus Krithe, Brady, Crosskey and Robertson.
Krithe producta, G. S. Brady.

Krithe producta, G. S. Brady 1880, Rep. Chall., Zool., pt. iii, p. 114, pl. xxvii, a-j. Chapman, 1902, Journ. Linu. Soc Lond. (Zool.), vol. xxviii, p. 427.

This very variable form occurs oftenest in deep water. The deepest sounding from which Dr. Brady obtained his specimens was taken at 1,675 fathoms. The writer records

– 110 –

this species from the “Penguin” soundings round Funafuti at 1,489. 1,995, and 2,715 fathoms He also obtained this species from soundings in the Arabian Sea. near the Laccadive Islands (s.s. “Investigator”).

Not uncommon, but rather small, in the dredging off Great Barrier Island.