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Volume 38, 1905
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– 264 –

Explanation of Plate XLV.

fig. 1. Venous system of Hyla aurea (enlarged). (Ventral surface with the skin laid back on one side, showing the veins of the skin. Dotted lines indicate the position of the veins that can often be seen through the body-wall.)

  • e.j. External jugular.

  • m. Mandibular.

  • p.c. Pelvico-cutaneous.

  • a.a.v. Anterior abdominal.

  • p. Parietal.

  • c. Cutaneous.

fig. 2. General view of the venous system of Hyla aurea (partly diagrammatic). (Portal systems in black.) (Enlarged.)

  • s.v. Sinus venosus.

  • r. Renal veins.

  • v.c. Left anterior vena cava.

  • h. Hepatic

  • p.v.c. Posterior vena cava.

  • a.a.v. Anterior abdominal vein.

  • e.j. External jugular.

  • pel. Pelvic.

  • in. Innominate.

  • f. Femoral.

  • sub. Subclavian

  • p. Parietal.

  • l. Lingual.

  • lum. Lumbar.

  • m. Mandibular.

  • i.l. Ileo-lumbar.

  • i.j. Internal jugular.

  • r.p. Renal portal.

  • sa. Subscapular.

  • sc. Sciatic.

  • br. Brachial.

  • v. Vesical.

  • m. Musculo.

  • h. Heart.

  • c. Cutaneous.

  • liv. Liver (diagrammatic).

– 265 –

Fig. 3. Side view of the head with the skin laid back, showing the branches of the external jugular vein.

  • n. Nasal

  • t. Tympanic.

  • o. Orbital.

  • e.j. External jugular.

Fig. 4. The arterial system of Hyla aurea (partly diagrammatic). (The dotted lines indicate the position of arteries that are hidden by muscles, &c. The carotid artery is made not to overlap the systemic arch, so to avoid confusing the diagram.)

  • h. Heart.

  • cu. Cutaneous artery.

  • t. Truncus arteriosus.

  • c.m. Cœliaco-mesenteric.

  • i. Carotid arch.

  • d.a. Dorsal aorta.

  • ii. Systemic arch.

  • il. Iliac artery.

  • iii. Pulmo-cutaneous arch.

  • lm. Lumbar artery.

  • l. Lingual artery.

  • cœ. Cœliac artery.

  • c. Carotid artery.

  • m. Mesenteric artery.

  • s. Subclavian artery.

  • g. Gastric artery.

  • oc. Occipital artery.

  • r. Renal arteries.

  • o.c. Occipito-vertebral artery.

  • gl. Carotid gland.

  • pl. Pulmonary artery.