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Volume 38, 1905
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Lyreidus tridentatus, De Haan. Haswell, Cat. Aust. Crust., p. 144; and Henderson, “Challenger,” Anomura, p. 33.

One specimen was taken outside Great Barrier Island in 120 fathoms. This agrees well with the description given by Haswell. The prominent dorsal elevations on the 3rd and 4th abdominal segments are present as described by Henderson, except that the one on the 3rd is almost acute, though much smaller than the one on the 4th.

The species was originally described from Japan, and was taken by the “Challenger” off Port Jackson and also near the Fiji Islands, but is has not been previously recorded from New Zealand.

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Eupagurus edwardsi, Filhol. G. M. Thomson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxxi, p. 182; Index Faunæ N.Z., p. 251.

Two specimens, from Channel Island, Hauraki Gulf, 25 fathoms. These agree very well with the descriptions given by Thomson and Filhol. One is a fairly large specimen, with carapace about 15 mm. long; the other has the carapace not more than 10 mm. long. In the latter the propodos of the right chelipede bears few tubercles on its outer surface, and those present are small and somewhat spiny.

In some points this species shows a marked resemblance to Ė. spinulimanus, Miers, and I should not be surprised if the two prove to be identical. I have two or three small specimens from Auckland, collected by Dr. Cockayne in 1905, which also belong to this species, and are almost more like E. spinulimanus.

Stratiotes setosus, Filhol. G. M. Thomson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxxi, p. 185; Index Faunæ N.Z., p.252.

Several specimens from Channel Island, 25 fathoms. These are much smaller than the specimen in the Canterbury Museum that was examined and named as above by Mr. Thomson, but they agree closely with his description.

Petrolisthes novæ-zealandiæ, Filhol. Thomson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxxi, p. 190; Index Faunæ N.Z., p. 252.

Two small specimens from Channel Islands, 25 fathoms, appear to belong to this species, but they are too young for certain identification.

Galathea pusilla, Henderson. Thomson, Trans. N.Z. Inst., xxxi, p. 193; Index Faunæ N.Z., p. 252.

Two specimens from Channel Islands, 25 fathoms. This species was previously known in New Zealand from Cook Strait, Wanganui, and Paterson's Inlet, and was obtained by the “Challenger” off the south-east of Australia.