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Volume 38, 1905
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10. Daphnella protensa, Hutton. Plate XXI, figs. 7, 8.

Daphnella protensa, Hutton, Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. xvii, p. 317, 1885 (from the Pliocene of Petane).

Two specimens turned up, which differ from the type by the predominating spiral sculpture and very feeble axial plications. Typically there are delicate spiral threads, but in our specimens there are distinct chords present, which are crossed by flexuous longitudinal striæ. Only the upper whorls are distinctly decussate. The protoconch, consisting of two smooth whorls, is much larger than in fossil specimens from Petane, more bulbose, and with an oblique nucleus.

This form may constitute a new subspecies, but the material at our disposal is too scanty to decide this point with certainty. A figure of this variety and of the protoconch are here given.