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Volume 38, 1905
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Art. XXXIX.—Genus Isidora: Correction of Article XVI. in Last Year's Transactions (Volume XXXVII).

Plate XIX.

Through an unfortunate mistake the figures of Isidora species in the text are inversed, representing dextral instead of sinistral shells. The editor, Mr. A. Hamilton, very kindly consented to have them reprinted, showing the correct sinistral volution of the whorls.

Explanation Of Plate XIX.
  • Fig.1. Isidoratabulata, Gould.

  • Fig. 2. ""subsp. moesta, H. Adams.

  • Fig. 3."hochstetteri, Dunker.

  • Fig. 4."novæ-zeelandiæ Sowerby.

  • Fig. 5."antipodea, Sowerby.

  • Fig. 6."lirata, Tenison-Woods.

  • Fig. 7, 8.""subsp. conferta, Suter.