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Volume 38, 1905
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Art. L.—Appendix to the List of Seaweeds of Norfolk Island.

[Read before the Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 5th July, 1905.]

In vol. xxxiii of the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute” there appears a list of the seaweeds of Norfolk Island. I have now a few more species to add to that list. Of the two species hitherto considered to be endemic, one, Plocamium hamatum, J. Ag., has recently been found on the Australian coast. Owing to an oversight in reading the proof, two species already listed in the paper were reinserted in the addendum. If these duplicates are removed from the list there remain thirty three already recorded. To this list six have to be added, none of which are endemic, but they are all either Australian or widely distributed.

34. Caulerpa racemosa (Forsk.), W. van Bosse, var. lœtevirens (W. van Bosse).

35. Bryopsis foliosa, Sonder.

36. Hydroclathurus cancellatus, Bory.

37. Dictyota ciliata, J. Ag., forma (dentibus sparsissimis et hic illic in phylla excrescentibus, ut in D. patens; ? = var. humilis, Grunow, Samoa, i).

38. Ulva mematoidea (Bory), Mont., var. angustior (Grun.) = U. fasciata, Delile.

39. Cystophora uvifera (Aresch.), form without vesicles (? shallow water).

I have again to thank Major Reinbold for his kind assistance in the identification of the specimens.