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Volume 38, 1905
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Art. LVII.—Note on the Occurrence of Two Rare and Two Introduced Moths.

[Read before the Otago Institute, 14th November, 1905.]

Plate XLIV.

Asaphodes parora.

This rare species not having been figured by Mr. Hudson, I have sketched from a specimen taken in August, 1900, at West Plains. Mr. Philpott has a specimen also from West Plains, and very much lighter in colour.

Xanthorhoe subductata.

I took a ♀ specimen of this moth in Dunedin in March, 1904. Mr. Hudson mentions subductata as occurring in Auckland in December. My specimen has ¼ in. more wing-expanse than that described by him, and the lines are fainter.

Achæa melicerte.

A splendid specimen of this grand Australian moth was sent to me by my brother from Motueka, Nelson. Caught in February or March of last year. With the two records, first in 1876 and then from Titahi Bay last year, this should place A. melicerte among our established Lepidoptera.

Pyralis farinalis.

This moth has occurred very plentifully in Dunedin the last two years, and has apparently become fully established.