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Volume 38, 1905
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Thirty-Seventh Annual Report.

The annual meeting of the Board of Governors was held on the 24the January, 1906, in the Colonial Museum, Wellington, and was attended by fifteen members.

The Council reported that at the annual meeting held on the 19th January, 1905, the following officers were re-elected: President—Captain Hutton, F.R.S.; Treasurer—Mr. J. W. Joynt, M.A.; Secretary—Mr. T.H. Gill, M.A., LL.B.; Editor of the Transactions and Librarian—Mr. A. Hamilton.

The members now on the roll are—Honorary members, 28; Auckland Institute, 164; Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, 56; Wellington Philosophical Society, 117; Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, 124; Otago Institute, 105; Nelson Institute, 24; Westland Institute, 55; Manawatu Philosophical Society, 38: making a total of 709.

The nominations received in accordance with the provisions of the Institute Act are: By the Government—Messrs. A. Hamilton and J. Young; Auckland Institute—Professor Thomas, Mr. J. Stewart; Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute—Mr. H. Hill; Wellington Philosophical Society—Professor Easterfield, Mr. Martin Chapman; Philosophical Institute of Canterbury—Dr. Chilton, Dr. Farr; Otago Institute—Professor Benham, Mr. G. M. Thomson; Nelson Institute—Dr. Cockayne; Westland Institute—Mr. T. H. Gill; Manawatu Philosophical Society—Mr. W. Welch.

The volumes of Transactions now on hand are—Vol. I (second edition), 319; Vol. V, 35; Vol. VI, 26; Vol. VII, 148; Vol. IX, 219; Vol. X, 141; Vol. XI, 396; Vol. XII, 309; Vol. XIII, 146; Vol. XIV, 111; Vol. XV, 284; Vol. XVI, 274; Vol. XVII, 535; Vol. XVIII, 313; Vol. XIX, 560, Vol. XX, 457; Vol. XXI, 460; Vol. XXII, 566; Vol. XXIII, 575; Vol. XXIV, 676; Vol. XXV, 632; Vol. XXVI, 620; Vol. XXVII, 612; Vol. XXVIII, 696; Vol. XXIX, 599;

– 578 –

Vol. XXX, 693; Vol. XXXI, 704; Vol. XXXII, 527; Vol. XXXIII, 620; Vol. XXXIV, 573; Vol. XXXV, 535; Vol. XXXVI, 700. These are now stored in the Parliamentary Buildings.

The volume for 1904, published June, 1905 (XXXVII), contains sixty-two articles, also short summaries of the proceedings of the various scientific societies affiliated to the Institute. The volume consists of 650 pages and fifty-five plates. A comparison of the contents of Vol. XXXVII with those of Vol. XXXVI is as follows:—

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1904. 1903
Pages. Pages
Miscellaneous 215 129
Zoology 145 90
Botany 51 169
Geology 143 108
Chemistry and physics 27 11
Records of Milne seismographs 8
Proceedings 39 23
Appendix 32 38
650 568

The whole of the work was done at the Government Printing Office.

During the year the Institute in particular and science in general sustained a great loss by the death of Captain Hutton, F.R.S. At the time of his death, which occurred on the “Rimutaka” between London and Cape Town, Captain Hutton was President of the Institute. He was associated with the work of the Institute from its inception, and his labours in the cause of science are well known throughout the colony. The Philosophical Institute of Canterbury, with which Society the late Captain Hutton was more intimately connected, at a recent meeting unanimously passed a series of resolutions requesting the Institute to commemorate the service of our late President by establishing a Hutton Memorial Research Fund.

During the year the standing committee has paid a good deal of attention to the Carter bequest. By the will of the late Charles Rooking Carter certain moneys were vested in the Governors of the New Zealand Institute. The words of the will are, “and as to all the residue and remainder (if any) of the said net proceeds of the sale and conversion and getting in of my estate as aforesaid, my trustee shall transfer the same to the Governors for the time being of the New Zealand Institute at Wellington to form the nucleus of a fund for the erection in or

– 579 –

near Wellington aforesaid and the endowment of a professor and staff of an astronomical observatory fitted with telescopes and other suitable instruments for the public use and benefit of the colony, in the hope that such fund may be augmented by gifts from private persons and that the observatory may be subsidised by the Colonial Government.” On the 28the February, 1905, the interest and principal amounted to £2,309 15s. 4d., and in addition there is certain scrip in the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile at face-value. The money is invested by the Public Trustee, and is earning interest at the rate of 4 per cent. per annum.

In reply to a resolution passed at the last annual meeting in re binding scientific periodicals in the Institute library, the Colonial Secretary has informed the Institute that the sum of £200 has been appropriated by Parliament for that purpose.

The Royal Geographical Society of Australasia, Queensland, celebrate the twenty-first anniversary of the foundation of the society in the last week of June, 1906. A cordial invitation is extended by the Council of the Queensland Society to the New Zealand Institute Board of Governors.

Mr. Henry Suter, of Auckland, asks the Institute to undertake the publication of a new catalogue of Mollusca of New Zealand.

All these matters will come up for consideration at this meeting.

Notices of motion dealing with nature-study in public schools and the establishment of a Forestry Board have been received and will need your attention.

The Library Committee and the Publication Committee present separate reports.

Martin Chapman, Chairman.