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Volume 38, 1905
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Nelson Institute.

Abstract of Annual Report.

During the year a considerable amount of work was done in the direction of reorganizing the Museum. Several new cases were purchased, and different members undertook the cataloguing and arranging of various classes of exhibits. A great improvement had been effected, and there is no doubt that during the coming year the work would have been carried to a successful issue, had not the recent calamitous fire undone all that had been achieved. Fortunately, not many of the exhibits were actually destroyed or lost, but many were seriously damaged.

The thanks of the Institute are due to Messrs. Charles and Lionel Mackie, who kindly lent to the Museum a choice collection of minerals and curios. Fortunately, these were little injured in the fire.

In November, Dr. Bell, the Director of the New Zealand Geological Survey, kindly gave, under the auspices of the Scientific Branch, an interesting lecture on his experiences in the far north of Canada. The net proceeds, which amounted to over £10, were devoted to the Museum fund.

A number of meetings were held during the winter months for the discussion of scientific subjects, and were well attended. Mr. Worley gave an account of the geology of the City of Nelson and its neighbourhood, and illustrated his remarks with maps, diagrams, and specimens. Dr. Hudson delivered a lecture on the subject of Nelson weather, and exhibited in diagrammatic form the results of observations which he had made over a period of many years. Mr. Gibbs gave a lecture on electricity and × rays, and showed experiments with a powerful Wimshurst machine and a Rontgen ray apparatus. Short papers were read on the brilliant June meteor, the various potato-blights, and some insect pests, and several other subjects and numerous exhibits were shown at the meetings and discussed. The Scientific Branch will no doubt continue to meet during the coming winter, and all persons who take an interest in scientific matters are cordially invited to attend.