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Volume 41, 1908
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– 156 –

Sect. 1. Rostrum of male longitudinally canaliculate.

Pentarthrum zealandicum, Wollaston. 903. Trans. Ent. Soc, 1873. (Plate XV, fig. 1.)

Subnitid, piceous, legs and elytra piceo-ferruginous or castancous, the suture and sides of the latter piceous, tarsi and antennae dark red; very indistinctly, minutely, and sparingly pubescent.

Thorax widest near the base, posterior angles obliquely curvate, disc moderately convex, but with a slight median basal impression, deeply constricted near apex, distinctly and rather closely punctate. Elytra evidently striate-punctate, interstices with fine serial punctures and transversely rugose.

Underside shining, piceous, scantily, minutely, and indistinctly pubescent, finely but not closely punctured, base of prosternum somewhat transversely rugose, metasternum medially sulcate behind, basal ventral segment broadly impressed.

Male.—Rostrum distinctly punctate, canaliculate along the middle, the punctuation continued to the back of the eyes, occiput with a few fine punctures.

Female.—Rostrum slender, reddish, shining, finely and sparingly punctured.

This species varies in size and coloration.

♂ Length, 2 lines; breadth, quite ½ line.

Both Islands.

P. amicum, Broun. 2195. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 1247.

♂. Funiculus more slender than 903, eyes prominent behind, elytral interstices not rugose, thorax rufescent. Sparingly clothed with slender but quite perceptible yellow hairs.

♂. Length, 1 ½ lines; breadth, ⅜ line.

Paparoa, Howick. Unique.

P. fultoni, Broun. 2189. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 1243.

♂. Rostrum broad, gradually slightly narrowed anteriorly. Scape short. Thorax shorter than 903, sides more strongly rounded. Castaneorufous, head and apical portion of elytra piceous.

♂ Length, 1 ⅜ lines; breadth, ⅜ line.

Taieri, Otago. One of each sex.

P. proximum, Broun. 1627. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 910.

♂. Rostrum very closely punctate, very slightly, hardly appreciably, wider at antennal insertion than elsewhere. Scape rather short. Uniformly

– 157 –

piceo-rufous. Pubescence scanty, slender, yellowish, more perceptible than in 2189.

♂. Length, 1 ⅝ lines; breadth, quite ⅜ line.

Tuakau, Auckland. Unique.