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Volume 41, 1908
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– 158 –
Sect. 3. Females: Exact position doubtful

P. assimilatum, Broun. 909. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 511.

Fusiform, rufescent.

Rostrum not slender, slightly narrowed near the base. Eyes only slightly prominent. Club subrotundate.

♀. Length, 1 ½ lines; breadth, ⅜ line.

Whangarei. Unique.

P. reductum, Broun. 1298. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 732.

Convex, subopaque, piceous, legs fusco-rufous.

Eyes only slightly prominent. Elytral striae crenate-punctate.

♀. Length, 1 ¼ lines; breadth, ⅜ line.

Napier. One.

P. brunneum, Broun. 907. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 510.

Very elongate, fusiform, thorax and elytra of almost equal width at the base and rather closely adapted to each other. Moderately nitid, rostrum and thorax rufescent, elytra pale castaneous.

Thorax subtriangular, only slightly rounded laterally. Eyes not prominent.

Certainly represents a distinct genus.

♀. Length, 1 ¾ lines; breadth, ⅜ line.

Tairua. One, not in very good order.

P. nubilum, Broun. 2191. Man. N.Z. Coleopt., p. 1244.

Shining, rostrum and thorax dark red, elytra pale castaneous.

Eyes only slightly prominent. Near 903.

♀. Length, 1 ⅝ lines; breadth, quite ⅜ line.

Paparoa, Howick. One.