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Volume 42, 1909
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– 32 –

Genus Hydrobiosis, McL.

Hydrobiosis occulta, n. sp.

♂. Dark brown. Antennæ rather longer than forewings, dark brown, almost unicolorous; the basal joint, with the face and prothorax, clothed with golden-brown hairs. Forewings dark brown with dense golden-brown pubescence. Hindwings with pubescence scantier and dark brown. Legs light ochreous-brown. Abdomen without ventral teeth. Penis yellow; inferior appendices directed upwards and curved so as to meet over extremity of abdomen.

Length, 6 mm. Expanse of wings, 14 mm.

– 33 –

♀. Differs from ♂ as follows: Antennæ not longer than forewings; pubescence of forewings almost wholly dark brown.

Length, 6 mm. Expanse of wings, 17 mm.

Hab.—Wainuiomata River, Wellington.

Hydrobiosis ingenua, n. sp.

Brownish-fuscous. Antennæ as long as forewings, brown. Maxillary palpi pilose, fuscous. Ocelli dark brown, distinct. Head, prothorax, and mesothorax densely clothed with brown hairs. Forewings brownish-fuscous, hairs lighter; a pale-golden band before termen and a tuft of black hairs on superior cubitus at ⅓. Hindwings greyish-fuscous, strongly iridescent. Legs greyish-ochreous, tibiæ and tarsi marked with fuscous, spurs brownish-ochreous.

Length of body, 6 mm. Expanse of wings, 14 mm.

Hab.—Wainuiomata River, Wellington.