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Volume 42, 1909

Introductory Note.

At the annual meeting of the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute, held in Wellington on the 30th January, 1908, it was resolved, inter alia,—

That the forty-first volume be the first of a new series.

That the forty-first volume consist of two separately published parts.

Part I to contain the scientific papers, plates, and index; Part II to contain,—


Annual address of the President of the Institute.


The Proceedings of the societies, and presidential addresses.


Short abstracts of papers not printed in full.


Summaries of scientific papers appearing in other publications on matters of interest to New Zealand science, prepared by specialists, and lists of the scientific publications issued by the Departments of Agriculture, Chemistry, &c., during the year.


Instructions to writers of papers.


Report of the annual meeting of the Institute, with balance-sheets.


The New Zealand Institute Act.


Regulations of the Hutton Memorial Fund.

Annual report on the same.

Report on the Hector Memorial Fund.

Report on Carter Bequest.


Obituary notices of honorary members and members of local societies.


Meteorological returns and diagrams.


Seismological returns and diagrams.

In accordance with these resolutions, the forthcoming Vol. xli, commencing a new series, is being published in a slightly enlarged form—viz., royal 8vo, instead of demy 8vo, which was the size of the preceding series.

– 4 –

Part II will be separately paged from the Transactions, so that it may be bound by itself, if so desired. It is hoped to issue it in three or four separate portions, so that it may form a current record of the scientific work being done throughout the Dominion. It will thus serve to keep members of the various societies informed of the work that is being done elsewhere, and it is hoped that in this way interest may be stimulated, and the branches of the Institute materially strengthened, and more closely brought into touch with one another.

Hon. Editor, New Zealand Institute.