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Volume 42, 1909
– 39 –
Fifth Meeting: 14th September, 1908.

E. V. Miller, Esq., President, in the chair.

Papers.—Professor F. D. Brown exhibited a cymometer, and gave a full account of its purpose and its applications to wireless telegraphy.

2. “On the Comparative Sanity of the Native-born and the Immigrant,” by Professor H. W. Segar.

In this paper three questions were discussed: Are the native-born of this country less liable to insanity than the remainder of the population ? Is the immigrant population of New Zealand more liable to insanity than the people they have left behind in the countries of their birth ? And, have the women of this country an exceptionally small liability to insanity ? These points are raised by Dr. Hay's report of last year on the mental hospitals.

3. “On the Trisection of an Angle,” by Professor H. W. Segar.

This briefly dealt with a remarkable approximate solution of a geometrical problem, a perfect solution of which by the methods of elementary geometry it is impossible to obtain.