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Volume 42, 1909


Annual Report.

During the past year nine meetings of the Institute have been held. At these meetings a considerable amount of general business was transacted, and eight papers were read, five of them being illustrated. The Council held four meeting.

Five new members were elected during the year, giving a total membership of sixty-six.

Your Council regret to record the death of Mr. Hugh Campbell, of Poukawa, who only a year ago was made a life member of the Institute.

The transfer of the Museum to the Borough Council, and the opening of the Institute's library as a reference library, referred to in last year's report, have become accomplised facts. While members still retain the right of taking out books, this valuable collection of books has been placed at the disposal of the public for reference purposes. The Institute, being freed from expenses in connection with rent and insurance, has been able to reduce members' subscriptions and still leave a good sum available for the purchase of books.

The Treasurer's balance-sheet shows a good credit balance.

Papers read during the Session 1908.

25th May.—Inaugural address by the President, T. Tanner; subject, “The Theory of Evolution as opposed to the Mosaic Account of Creation.” Illustrated by lantern-slides.

9th June.—Paper: “Fifty Years of Darwinism.” W. Dinwiddie.

14th July.—Lecture, illustrated by lantern-slides: “Astronomical Photography.” Dr. Kennedy.

11th August.—Paper: “A Sketch of the Development and Aims of Technical Education.” R. P. Clarkson, M.A.

15th September.—Papers by H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S.: (1) “A Lost River—The Great Wairarapa”; (2) “Some Native Plants and Wayside Weeds.” Both papers illustrated by lantern-slides.

30th November.—Paper: “Thoughts on Evolution.” Taylor White.

Election of Officers for 1909.—President—J. P. Leahy, M.B., D.P.H.; Vice-President—E. A. W. Henley, M.B.; Council—G. Clark, W. Dinwiddie, R. Duncan, T. Hall, H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S., T. C. Moore, M.D.; Honorary Secretary—James Hislop, District School, Napier; Honorary Treasurer—J. W. Craig; Honorary Auditor—J. S. Large.