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Volume 42, 1909


First Meeting :18th March, 1909

M. A. Eliott, Esq., President, in the chair.

Professor H. B. Kirk, M.A., of Victoria College, gave an interesting popular lecture on “Nerve and Muscle,” illustrated by a practical demonstration of muscular action as displayed by the aid of electricity in the body of a recently killed kitten.

The lecturer traced the gradual development of muscular and nervous action, from the lowest known form of animal life, the amœba, in which nerve and muscle are not differentiated, to their greatest perfection in man.

Annual Conversazione : 22nd March, 1909.

Over two hundred guests were present.

The outgoing President, Mr. Cohen, gave a short address.

In this he made special reference to the rapid increase of contributions to the Museum, and the consequent need for better accommodation; and also to the prizes again to be offered this year by the Council for the best collections of botanical and entomological specimens made in the district.

Exhibits.—1. A series of lantern-slides illustrating the development of different forms of bacteria, by Dr. Martin.

2. Apparatus demonstrating the effect of electro-magnetic waves on a Marconi coherer; harmonograph; apparatus for drawing geometrical figures demonstrating the principle of the geometric lathe; Newton's gyroscopic top; electrical discharge in vacuo, and spark-effects; microscopic slides of diatoms, Polycistinœ &c.; and spinthariscope: all by Dr. Stowe.

Second Meeting : 29th April, 1909.

M. A. Eliott, Esq., President, in the chair.

New Members.—F. E. Goldingham (Palmerston), and John Stevens (Bull's).

The President called the attention of members to the appeal made by the New Zealand Institute for the Hector Memorial Fund.

Paper.—“The Waterloo of the Waikato, fought in 1830, and its Effects on the After-enacted Land-laws of that Part of the North Island,” by W. Welch.