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Volume 42, 1909

Fourth Meeting: 19th August, 1909.

Mr. M. A. Eliott, President, in the chair.

Dr. J. M. Bell, Director of the Geological Survey, gave a most interesting lecture on “The Heart of the Southern Alps.”

The lecturer pointed out the points of difference, geological, botanical, and climatic, between this district and similar ones in other parts of the world, calling special attention to the very low level, considering the latitude, reached by the Franz Josef Glacier, and the remarkable contrast between it and the semi-tropical vegetation which fringed its lower reaches. He also mentioned the fact—unique as far as was known—that the terminal of this glacier had been during the last few years perceptibly advancing.

The lecture was illustrated by a series of very fine lantern-slides, from photographs taken by Dr. Bell during his different expeditions.