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Volume 42, 1909
– 75 –

Third Meeting: 6th July, 1909.

Professor Park, President, in the chair.

Professor C. Chilton delivered an address on “The Subantarctic Islands.”

He exhibited a series of pictures illustrating the appearance of the land and the general character of the vegetation of the various islands set around the antarctic region—Macquarie, Marion, Kerguelen, South Shetlands, &c. The similarity of the fauna and flora was illustrated by pictures of the more striking allied species found on the different islands. This geographical distribution compelled one to believe that in former times there had been much more extensive land connections between these islands and the neighbouring continents, a conclusion held for some years by many naturalists, and now confirmed by the discoveries by recent polar expeditions of numerous additional similarities, and especially by the discovery of land around the Pole by Lieutenant Shackleton's expedition.