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Volume 42, 1909

Seventh Annual Meeting.

The annual general meeting of the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute was held in the Dominion Museum Library, Wellington, on Thursday, 27th January, 1910.

Present: Mr. A. Hamilton, President (in the chair), Hon. D. Buddo (Minister of Internal Affairs), Professor W. B. Benham, Mr. M. Chapman (Hon. Treasurer), Dr. L. Cockayne, Professor Easterfild, Dr. C. C. Farr, Mr. D. Petrie, Mr. J. Stewart, Mr. R. Speight, Mr. G. M. Thomson (Hon. Editior), Mr. K. Wilson, Mr. John Young.

The Secretary announced that there had been no changes in the representation either of the incorporated societies or of the Government of the Board of Governors. The Westland Society had, however, failed to elect a representative.

The President declared the meeting open, and mentioned that Messrs. H. Hill and J. W. Joynt had sent apologies for their absence.

The President then read his address (see p. 99).

The Hon. Mr. Buddo moved a hearty vote of thanks to the President for his address, to be recorded in the minutes, and that the address be printed in the Proceedings for the coming year. Mr. G. M. Thomson seconded and Dr. Farr supported the motion, which was carried unanimously.

The Secretary read the annual report, as follows:—

Last year the statutory meeting of the Board of Governors was called for Thursday, the 28th January, 1909, and adjourned to Thursday, the 4th Feburay. The attendance at these meetings was as follows: 28th January—Mr. Martin Chapman, K.C. (in the chair), Hon. D. Buddo (Minister of Internal Affairs), Dr. Cockayne, Dr. C. C. Farr, Mr. A. Hamilton, Mr. D. Petrie, Mr. John Young. 4th February—Mr. G. M. Thomson, President (in the chair), Professor W. B. Benham, Mr. M. Chapman, Dr. L. Cockayne, Professor Easterfild, Mr. T. H. Gill, Mr. H. Hill, Mr. J. W. Joynt, Mr. R. Speight, Mr. K. Wilson, Mr. J. Young, and the Secretary (Mr. Thomas King). A full record of the business transacted at the meeting has been published in the “Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute,” Part I, 1908, and the minutes signed by the President, as authorised.

The following committees were set up:—

The Standing Committee consists (Reg. 17) of the Governors for the time being resident or present in Wellington.

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Committee to index the first forty volumes of the Transactions: the President (Mr. A. Hamilton), convener; Professor Easterfield, Professor Benham, Mr. R. Speight

Publication Committee: The President (ex offico), Professor Benham, Dr. C. C. Farr, Mr. R. Speight, the Editor (convener).

The Standing Committee reports that six meetings were held during the year 1909, the attendance being as follows: Hon. Mr. Buddo, 2; Mr. Hamiton, 6; Mr. Chapman, 6; Professor Easterfield, 5; Mr. J. Young, 4; Mr. Gill, 1; Mr. G. M. Thomson, 2.

A supply of diploma forms for honorary members of the Institute (drawn up by Mr. Chapman) has been printed, and a diploma has been sent to every honorary member elected since 1903. A specimen of the diploma form is laid on the table.

Several libraries have applied for copies of the Transactions to complete their sets, and others to be placed on the exchange list. The applications have been dealt with.

It was found necessary to pass a resolution adopting the seal of the old Institute as the seal of the new, and the necessary repairs were made to the seal and press.

The Hutton Memorial Deed of Trust has been duly executed, and handed by the Treasurer, Mr. Chapman, to the Public Trustee.

The Registrar of Victoria College wrote notifying that Messrs Bell and Fleming had been appointed to look into the opinion given by Mr. Chapman as to the expenditure of the Carter Bequest Fund.

The question of representing the Dominion at future meetings of the International Congress of Applied Chemistry was left in the hands of Professor Easterfield.

The President and Secretary were authorised to act conjointly at any time in purchasing back volumes of the Institute Transactions where such pruchases can be advantageously arranged. Fifty-one volumes have so far been secured, which will enable several sets to be completed.

Through the kindness of the Minister of Internal Affairs, three months' work was done in the library in sorting serial publications.

The committee note with pleasure that Hector Fund Committee have been successful in augmenting the fund since the last annual meeting, and the President and Secretary, with the other representatives of the Hector Fund Committees, waited on the Premier and received a promise that the question of a pound-for-pound subsidy up to £500 would be favourably considered.

The Secretary has initiated an innovation in distributing the publications of the Insititute, which has not only given satisfaction, but has resulted in a considerable saving in postage and freight. By registering the Transactions as a magazine, over 75 per cent. saving in the postage bill has been effected. The Transactions and Proceedings are now posted direct to members throughout the Dominion by the Government Printer. Difficulty was at first experienced in obtaining suitable wrappers, but this has now been overcome. This reform has rendered it necessary that a roll of members and their addresses shall be kept in Wellington by the Secretary to the Institute, and it is important that Secretaries of incorporated societies should advise him of any changes of address on the part of their members. It is to be regretted that two small incorporated societies have not yet fallen in with this arrangement.

It was resolved that the price of the Proceedings to non-members be 3s. per year, or is. per part. Members are, of course, each entitled to one copy.

It was resolved that all matters in connection with the printing of the Transactions be left in the hands of the Editior and the Government Printer.

The committee consider it advisable to change the London agents, as there has been considerable difficulty in obtaining full statements from the present agents. Messrs. W. Wesley and Sons are to be asked to act as agents and publishers in London.

The “date of publication” of the Transactions must be reconsidered by the Institute, as the present arrangement is unworkable.

The position of the Nelson and Westland Societies is also one which requires the consideration of the Board.

The committee accepted a tender for the preparation of an index to the Transactions, the price being £30. The cards have been prepared, and are now ready for printing.

Copies of Vol. XLI of the Transactions were presented to the House of Representatives on the 8th October, and to the Legislative council on the 12th October, 1909.

The volumes of the Transactions remaining on hand (including volumes acquired during the year), are as follows: Vol. I, 314; Vol. III, 2; Vol. IV, 3; Vol. V, 34; Vol. VI, 23; Vol. VII, 145; Vol. VIII, 3; Vol. IX. 217; Vol. X, 141; Vol. XI, 394; Vol. XII, 307; Vol. XIII, 144; Vol. XIV, 110; Vol. XV, 281; Vol. XVI, 273; Vol. XVII, 533; Vol. XVIII, 311; Vol. XIX, 558; Vol. XX, 451; Vol. XXI, 455;

– 93 –

Vol. XXII, 560; Vol. XXIII, 570; Vol. XXIV, 670; Vol. XXV, 627; Vol. XXVI, 613; Vol. XXVII, 605; Vol. XXVIII, 688; Vol. XXIX, 591; Vol. XXX, 684; Vol. XXXI, 695; Vol. XXXII, 517; Vol. XXXIII, 611; Vol. XXXIV, 563; Vol. XXXV, 525; Vol. XXXVI, 686; Vol. XXXVII, 604; Vol. XXXVIII, 750; Vol. XXXIX, 192; Vol. XL, 91; Vol. XLI, 190.

A. Hamliton, President.

27th January, 1910.

The President moved, “That the report be adopted.” Mr. Young seconded the motion, which was carried.

Mr. Chapman explained, at Dr. Farr's request, the position of the Carter Bequest.

Hutton Memorial Fund.—A letter was read from the Public Trustee, showing that the balance to the credit of the fund, including interest at 4 ½ per cent. to 31st December, 1909, was £595 4s. 11d. Received.

A letter was read from Dr. Chilton relating to a sum of money in his possession, received in aid of the Hutton Fund. On the motion of Mr. Chapman, seconded by Mr. Speight, it was resolved, “That the money in the hands of Dr. Chilton to the credit of the Hutton Memorial Fund be handed to the Public Trustee.”

On the motion of Dr. Farr, seconded by Mr. Speight, it was resolved, “That a letter be sent to Dr. Dendy thanking him for his offices in the matter of the Hutton Memorial Medal, and acknowledging the receipt of copies of the medal.”

Hector Memorial Committee.—Professor Easterfield, Chairman of the committee, read a report covering the year's work, as follows:—