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Volume 42, 1909

Sixth Meeting: 1st September, 1909.

Present: Mr. Edgar R. Waite (President), in the chair, and sixty others.

New Members.—Miss A. C. Finlayson and Mr. E. Herring.

Darwin Celebration.—The report of Mr. T. V. Hodgson, the Institute's representative at the Darwin celebration at Cambridge, was received.

Papers.—1. “Some New Zealand and Tasmanian Arachnidœ,” by H. R. Hogg, M.A.; communicated by Dr. Chilton.

This paper contained descriptions of some new species of spiders from New Zealand and Tasmania, with notes on their distribution

2. “Observations on some New Zealand Halophytes,” by Miss B. D. Cross, M.A.

In this paper the author deals with some of the commonest of the New Zealand Halophytes—that is, plants living near the sea-shore—describing the life form and the anatomy of the various species, and contrasting the structure of the plants growing normally on the shore with that of other plants artificially cultivated without an excess of salt in the soil.

Address.—“The Distribution of the Subantarctic Fauna and Flora,” by Dr. Charles Chilton.

The address was illustrated by lantern-slides, and the lecturer gave a general account of the fauna and flora of the various subantarctic islands, and discussed the distribution of the various forms in accordance with the results arrived at by the recent expedition to the islands lying to the south of New Zealand, and by the recent Antractic expeditions.