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Volume 42, 1909
– 107 –

Eighth Meeting: 3rd November, 1909.

Present: Mr. Edgar R. Waite (President), in the chair, and thirty-seven others.

Papers.—1. “On the Fishes of the Kermadec Islands,” by Edgar R. Waite.

This paper contains an enumeration of the fishes previously known as living at the Kermadec Islands, with the species recently collected and presented to the Canterbury Museum by Mr. W. R. B. Oliver The majority of the fishes recorded exhibit an alliance with the faunas of Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands, some species—as, for example, Machœrope latispinis, Ogil.—not being known elsewhere.

2. “Some Hitherto-unrecorded Plant Habitats,” by Dr. L. Cockayne.

3. “Summaries of some Recent Papers relating to the New Zealand Insect Fauna published outside the Dominion in –9,” by G. W. Kirkaldy.

4. “List of Recent Shells found Fossil in New Zealand,” by H. Suter; communicated by Dr. Charles Chilton.

This paper is a list of recent shells that have also been recorded as fossils from New Zealand, with the geological range in time of each as known at present.

5. “On an Isopod inhabiting Ants' Nests in New Zealand,” by Dr. Charles Chilton.

This paper gives a description of an Isopod, Trichoniscus commensalis, sp. nov., that is found in constant association with two species of ants; it has been found by Mr. W. W. Smith in Taranaki and by Mr. McMahon in Marlborough. It is pale in colour, but is not blind, having fairly well-developed eyes. Though similar in habits and general appearance to the European species found in ants' nests (Platyarthus hoffmanseggii), it belongs to a different family of the Oniscoidea.