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Volume 42, 1909

Sixth (Annual) Meeting: 18th Novermber, 1909.

Captain Hewitt, R.N., in the chair.

The following is a summary of the annual report:—

During the year seven general meetings were held, in addition to the conversazione which took place in March. At these meetings the following papers and addresses were given: “Nerve and Muscle,” by Professor H. B. Kirk, M.A.; “The Waterloo of the Waikato,” by Mr. W. Welch, F.R.G.S.; “Maori Reminiscences,” by Mr. R. C. Bruce; “The Heart of the Southern Alps,” by Dr. J. M. Boll; “Unrecorded Incidents in the History of Wellington,” by Mr. D. Sinclair; “New Zealand Lycopodiums,” by the Rev. J. E. Holloway, M. Sc.; “Social Life in China,” by Mr. Yung-hang-Hwang, M.A.

During the year 564 exhibits have been added to the Museum, but more space is urgently required for their proper display

Prizes were again offered for the best local collections of botanical and entomological specimens, but only one botanical entry was received.

The number of members on the roll is sixty-six, thirteen having resigned during the year, and two new members having been elected.

Captain Hewitt's report on the observatory shows that the institution is appreciated by the public, and that observations are made regularly, especially in connection with sunspots and magnetic disturbances.