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Volume 42, 1909

Seventh Meeting: 22nd November, 1909.

Mr. M. A. Eliott, President, in the chair.

Lecture.—Mr. Yung-hang-Hwang, M.A., the Chinese Consul, gave a lecture on “Social Life in China.”

The lecture dealt in a most interesting manner with the social customs of the Chinese, tracing the historical origin of the customs, and showing their influence on the life of the people.

The lecture was listened to with marked attention by the large audience present, and at the close a hearty vote of thanks was given to Mr. Hwang, and a hope was expressed that he might be induced to deliver further lectures of a similar nature.

Election of Officers for 1910.—President—Mr. W. F. Durward; Vice-Presidents—Mr. A. A. Glendinning and Dr. W. R. Stowe; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer—Mr. K. Wilson, M.A.; Auditor—Mr. R. N. Keating; Officer in charge of the Observatory—Captain Hewitt, R. N.; Council—Messrs. Barnicoat, Cohen, Eliott, Hoben, Vernon, and Dr. Martin.

New Members.—Messrs. A. Macdonald, J. Mounsey, G. H. Bennett, and C. N. Taplin.