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Volume 42, 1909

Annual Meeting: 4th February, 1910.

Election of Officers for 1910.—President—Dr. E. A. W. Henley; Vice-President—H. Hill, B.A., F.G.S.; Hon. Secretary—J. Niven, M.A., M.Sc.; Hon. Treasurer—J. W. Craig; Council—Dr. J. P. Leahy, Dr. T. C. Moore; Messrs. Gilbert Clark, W. Dinwiddie, J. Hislop, and G. K. Sinclair. Hon. Auditor—J. S. Large; Hon. Lanternist—E. Loten.

A hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mr. J. Hislop, who retired from the Hon. Secretaryship after nearly twelve years' service.