Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 42, 1909

Ninth Meeting: 22nd November, 1909.

Professor C. W. Egerton, President, in the chair.

New Member.—W. St. John Clarke.

Papers.—1. “Maori Forest Lore, Part III,” by Elsdon Best.

2. “The Cam-lever Balance,” by J. Clement Cuff.

– 119 –

3. “The Rainfall and Meteorology of Waihi,” by H. B. Devereux.

4. “Translation of Dumont D'U rville's Account of his Visit to Whangarei, Waitemata, and Thames in 1827,” by S. Percy Smith, F.R.G.S.

5. “A Geological Reconnaissance of Northernmost New Zealand,” by Dr. J. M. Bell and E. DeC. Clarke.

6. “Description of a New Native Grass,” by D. Petrie, M.A.

7. “On Poa breviglumis,” by D. Petrie.

8. “The Naturalisation of Calluna vulgaris in the Taupo District,” by D. Petrie.

9. “Notice of the Occurrence of Leucopogon Richei on the Mainland of New Zealand,” by T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S.

10. “Contributions to a Knowledge of the New Zealand Flora, Part III,” by T. F. Cheeseman.

11. “Recent Additions to the Flora of New Zealand,” by T. F. Cheeseman.

12. “Additions to the Coleopterous Fauna of the Chatham Islands,” by Major T. Broun, F.E.S.

13. “On the Coleoptera of the Kermadec Islands,” by Major T. Broun.

14. “Revision of the New Zealand Byrrhidœ,” by Major T. Broun.

15. “Descriptions of New Genera and Species of Coleoptera,” by Major T. Broun.

16. “The Aeration of the Auckland Lava-beds,” by J. Stewart, C.E.