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Volume 42, 1909
– 131 –

Part II.

In the third, eighth, and tenth volumes of Dalla Torre's “Catalogus Hymenopterorum,” the Austrian author has substituted new names for certain preoccupied ones in New Zealand Hymenoptera. These were ignored in the “Index Faunæ Novæ-Zealandiæ,” probably because of the obscure method of publication, the new names being quite incidentally included, and not specially indexed or indicated. I now enumerate those that I have traced, and add two new ones that appear to be required. It may be added that Dalla Torre's catalogue has been carelessly prepared as regards the habitats of the New Zealand species, one being recorded from Sokotra, and most of the rest from Australia! The pagination on the left-hand side is that of the “Index”:—


Dasycolletes hirtipes, not hirticeps.

  • Halictus smithii, D.T., 1896, vol. x, p. 85=familiaris, Smith.

  • Prosopis relegata, not regelatus (sic).

  • P. maorica, nom. nov. = P. lœvigatus, Smith.


Rhopalum carbonicolor, D.T., 1897, viii, 586=R. carbonarium, Smith.

Tachytes depressus and helmsii are spp. of Tachysphex.


Platylabus decoratorius, Fabricius = Ichneumon decoratorius of the Index.


Ichneumon placidulus, D.T., 1902, iii, 970 = I. placidus, Smith.

  • I. lotatorius, Fabricius = pascoei = cinctus = Colobacis forticornis = C. insidiator Smith (sec. Morley).

  • Cryptus geiri, D.T., 1902, iii, 573 = C. penetrator, Smith.

  • Mesostenus novozelandicus, D.T., 1902, iii, 545 = albopictus, Smith.


Ophion maoricum, nom. nov. = O. ferrugineus, Smith.

  • O. skeltoni, not skelloni.

  • Rhyssa, not Rhyssus.

  • Add to Tryphoninœ,—

  • Bassus lœtatorius (introduced). [N.B.: Bassus in “Index,” p. 358, should be Ballus.]