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Volume 43, 1910
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– 14 –

Auckland Institute.
First Meeting: 17th May, 1910.

Dr. R. Briffault, President, in the chair.

New Members.—A. Buchanan, A. W. Chatfield, J. Coe, A. B. Harding, R. Cranwell, Hallyburton Johnstone, W. Satchell, Rev. W. Trotter, R. M. Wilson.

Professor H. W. Segar, M.A., delivered a lecture on “Halley's Comet.”

After describing the general features of comets, and the views held by astronomers respecting them, the lecturer gave a full account of the previous visits of Halley's Comet. He then described Halley's great discovery of 1705, in which, as the result of calculation and observation, he predicted that the comet was periodic, and followed a regular orbit contained within the limits of the solar system. In this Halley made one of the first applications of the knowledge given to the world in Newton's “Principia.” The peculiarities of the orbit of Halley's Comet, as compared with those of other comets, were then dealt with, and the path followed by it during its present visit was described, its position at various times being compared with that of the Earth. The lecture was copiously illustrated with limelight views and diagrams.

As the hall proved much too small to accommodate the audience, the lecture was repeated, with slight alterations, on the 23rd May.