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Volume 43, 1910
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Fourth Meeting: 3rd August, 1910.

Mr. Thomas King, Vice-President, in the chair.

Astronomical Section.—The report of the committee set up to advise on the formation of an Astronomical Section was received, and contained the following resolutions of the committee :—


That an Astronomical Section of the Wellington Philosophical Society be formed.


That the objects of the section be the establishment of an observatory in or about Wellington, and the promotion of the study of astronomical subjects-generally.


That a fund be established for promoting the objects of the Carter bequest, and for rendering it available as soon as possible.


That the proposed observatory, if established, be called the King Edward VII Memorial Observatory, as a memorial to the late King.


That the question of promoting such a memorial be brought before the public, and that for this purpose a committee be formed, including prominent citizens, in conjunction with members of the Philosophical Society.

On the motion of Professor Easterfield, seconded by Mr. G. V. Hudson, it was resolved, That an Astronomical Section of the Wellington Philosophical Society be formed.

On the motion of Mr. G. Hogben, seconded by Professor Picken, it was resolved, That the Secretary should call a meeting of all who desire to form the section, and that the new section be forthwith formed, and elect its own officers.



“University reform,” by Professor T. H. Laby.


“The Need for a Society of Eugenics in New Zealand,” by Professor H. B. Kirk.

[Reports of these papers, and of the discussion thereon, were published in the New Zealand Times of the 4th and 6th August.]