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Volume 43, 1910
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– 38 –

Auckland Institute.
Fourth Meeting: 1st August, 1910.

Dr. R. Briffault, President, in the chair.

Lecture.—Mr. A. Wyllie, Electrical Engineer to the City of Auckland, delivered a lecture on “Wireless Telephony.”

The lecturer explained the different systems at present in use, taking first of all those dependent on light or heat radiation, such as the photophone, the speaking arc, the photographophone, &c. He then passed on to consider those modes which are worked by means of electrical forces, explaining at some length closed-circuit telephony, electro-magnetic induction telephony, and spark telephony.

A large number of illustrative experiments accompanied the lecture, and the “speaking are” was exhibited for the first time in Auckland. A unanimous vote of thanks was awarded to Mr. Wyllie.