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Volume 45, 1912
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– 77 –


Harmologa tributaria sp. nov.

♂. 25 mm. Antennae fuscous, annulated with whitish. Palpi reddish-brown, inner and upper surfaces white. Head and thorax dark reddish-brown mixed with grey. Abdomen fuscous-grey. Forewings suboblong, costa moderately arched, fold slight, termen rather oblique, rounded beneath; dark fuscous, densely strewn with reddish scales which tend to form a streak beneath costa from base to ½; a broad irregular pale-yellow streak from base to apex, basal ⅔ margined above and beneath with blackish, at ½ a thin tributary streak runs to tornus, thus enclosing a long triangular patch of

– 78 –

ground-colour; some grey scales forming obscure interneural lines beneath apical half of costa: cilia grey, with an obscure darker line. Hindwings fuscous: cilia yellowish-white, with a fuscous basal line.

Not far removed from H. siraea, but the central pale streak is quite different and the termen is more oblique.

Discovered by Messrs. G. Howes and A. Hamilton at Obelisk, Old Man Range, Central Otago. Taken on the 2nd February.