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Volume 46, 1913
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– 220 –

Art. XXX.—List of Phanerogamic Plan's Indigenous in the Southland District.

[Read before the Otajo Institute, 7th October, 1913.]

As there has not at any time been published a list of the indigenous plants of the Southland District, I have made. the present effort to draw one together. The boundaries of Southland, as distinct from the Province of Otago, being ill defined, I have taken the Southland Educational District for the purposes of the present list. This district, commencing at a point

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Note.—Boundary of area taken in shown thus:———

slightly east of Waikawa Harbour on the south coast, runs almost due north to Lake Wanaka, crossing over to the west of Mount Aspiring, thence following the boundary of Westland to Big Bay, taking in all the south and west coasts between Waikawa and Big Bay, and including Stewart Island. Dr. Cockayne informs me that in his forthcoming work on the

– 221 –

vegetation of New Zealand he is dividing this area into three botanical districts—(1) Comprising that portion subject to the average western rainfall; (2) the part subject more especially to the south-western rainfall, and in which many of the typical western plants are absent; (3) Stewart Island and the islets adjacent.

It will be seen that this covers an enormous mountain area, of which only a minute fraction has been trodden by the botanist; hence there still remains much to be done. It is probable that many more plants new to science will be discovered in this region. These, from time to time, can be collated and published as an additional list. It would have been impossible for me to have presented this list without the personal assistance of Mr. D. Petrie and Dr. L. Cockayne, F.R.S. To the works of Mr. T. F. Cheeseman, F.L.S., F.Z.S., and the reports in the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute” on the Eyre and Garvie Mountains of Mr. D. L. Poppelwell I am much indebted.


Clematis indivisa Willd. Aug.-Nov. Common throughout open forests.

hexasepala (?) D.C. Sept.–Nov. Bluff Hill. Kirk!

foetida Raoul. Sept.–Oct. Local; not very common.

marata Armstr. Oct.–Nov. Takitimus; fairly common around Queenstown.

afoliata Buch. Near Kingston.

Myosurus aristatus Benth. Lake Wanaka.

Ranunculus Lyallii Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Most of western sunny mountainsides.

Buchanani Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Mount Earnslaw, Clinton Saddle, Mount Humboldt, Eyre Mountains, Lake Harris.

Traversii Hook, f. Dec.–Jan. Mount Earnslaw.

Matthewsii Cheeseman. Dec.–Jan. Mount Earnslaw.

gracilipes Hook, f. Dec.–Jan. Common on western mountains.

Baughani Petrie. Mount Balloon.

tenuicaulis Cheeseman. Ben Lomond Clinton Saddle, Eyre Mountains.

Haastii Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

hirtus Banks & Sol. Oct.–Feb. Common throughout.

recens Kirk. Oct.–Nov. Fortrose (sandhills), Bluff (Ward Parade).

Kirkeii Petrie. Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island.

lappaceus Smith. Nov.–Feb. Common on damp land.

sericophyllus Hook. f. Bald Peak, Kinloch, Wakatipu, Lake McKenzie.

foliosus Kirk. Oct.–Dec. Hokonuis, Clinton Saddle, and common on western mountains.

ternatifolius Kirk. Dec.–Feb. Makarewa, Milford, Winton.

depresus Kirk. Foot of Lake Te Anau, Mount Cardrona.

pachyrrhizus Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Mounts Cardrona, Hector, Tyndall, Lake Harris.

rivularis Banks & Sol. Sept.–Mar. Common on wet land and shallow water.

acaulis Banks & Sol. Sept.–Dec. Common along the coast.

Crosbyi Cockayne. Jan.–Feb. Stewart Island (Table Hill).

Calthanovae-zealandiae Hook. f. Oct.–Dec. Eyre Mountains, Clinton Saddle, Takitimu Mountains, Stewart Island (Rakeahua).

obtusa Cheeseman. Jan.–Feb. Cuth bert Peak.

– 222 –


Drimys colorata Raoul. Oct.–Nov. Common throughout district.


Nasturtium palustre D.C. Oct.–April. Common throughout, in moist places.

Cardamine, heterophylla (Forst. f.) O. E. Schultz. Oct.–Dec. Common, everywhere'.

— var.deilis Hook. f. Oct.–Dec. Common everywhere.

— var. uniflora Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Common on sea-coast.

fastigiata Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

bilobata Kirk. Oct.–Nov. Hector Mountains.

Lepidium oleraceum Forst. Nov. Stewart Island (Kirk).

tenuicaule Kirk. Nov.–Jan. Common on all gravel beaches.

kawarau Petrie. Nov.–Dec. Gibbston, Kawarau Gorge.

sisymbrioides Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Lake Wanaka.

Pachycladon novae-zealandiae Hook. f. Mount Alta, Mount Cardrona, Humbolt Mountains.


Viola filicaulis Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Waihopai, Takitimu Mountains, The Hump, Eyre Mountains.

Lyallii Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cleughearn, Cuth bert Peak.

Cunninghamii Hook. f. Oct.–Jan. Common throughout.

Melicytus ramiflorus Forst. Nov.–Jan. Bluff? Kirk! Winton district.

lanceolatus Hook. f. Aug.–Oct. Common, but local.

Hymenanthera dentata R. Br. var. angustifolia. Nov.–Dec. Makarewa, Wyndham, Otautau, Clifden, Takitimus.

— var. alpina Kirk. Eyre Mountains, Mount Earnslaw, Clinton Valley, Takitimus, Paradise, Lochy River, West Waiau

—Nov. Stewart Island.seg crassifolia Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Stewart Island.


Pittosporum tenuifolium Banks & Sol. Oct.–Nov. Common throughout.

Colensoi Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Makarewa, Orepuki, Princess Range, Stewart Island.

eugenioides A. Cunn. Oct.–Nov. Common throughout lowland forests.

divaricatum Cockayne sp. ined. Clinton Valley.

Buchanani Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

Huttonianum Kirk. Oct.–Nov. Milford Sound.

rigidum Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Dusky Sound.


Stellaria parviflora Banks & Sol. Dec.–Jan. Common.

elatinoides Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Waihopai.

Roughii Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Takitimu Mountains, head of River Lochy (Burnett Peak).

gracilenta Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Takitimu Mountains, Burnett Peak, Mount Cleughearn.

Colobanthus acicularis Hook. f. Jan. Common throughout mountains.

– 223 –

Colobanthus Billardieri Fenzl. Nov.–Feb. Bluff, Takitimus, Stewart Island (Ringaringa).

Muelleri Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Takitimu Mountains, Fortrose, Centre Island, Dog Island.

brevisepalus Kirk. Eyre Mountains.

Spergularia media Pres1. Oct.–Feb. Stewart Island, on salt meadows.


Claytonia australasica Hook. f. Sept.–Dec. Riverton Beach, Bluff, Takitimu Mountains, Cuthbert Peak, Stewart Island.

Montia fontana Linn. Dec.–Jan. Otatara, New River, and generally common around Invercargill Estuary.

Hectorella caespitosa Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Mount Alta, Hector Mountains, Eyre Mountains, East Dome, Mount Burns.


Elatine americana Arn. Stewart Island, on wet ground.

— var. australiensis Benth. Te Anau Lumsden.


Hypericum japonicum Thunb. Dec.–Jan. Bluff, Half-way Bay, Lake Wakatipu, Stewart Island.


Plagianthus divaricatus Forst. Oct.–Nov. Common on river and estuary flats.

cymosus Kirk. Nov. Waihopai Bush; only one (♀) plant.

betulinus A. Conn. Oct.–Nov. Waihopai Bush, Makarewa, Dunsdale, Wyndham, Hokonuis.

Hoheria populnea A. Cunn. var. angustifolia Hook. f. Nov. Waihopai, Winton, Wyndham, Seaward Bush.

Gaya Lyallii (Hook. f.) J. E. Baker. Dec.–Feb. Mossburn, Beaumont Hill, Nightcaps, Hector Mountains, Eyre Mountains, and abundant from subalpine scrub to sea-level.


Aristotelia racemosa Hook. f. Sept.–Nov. Common throughout.

Colensoi Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Waihopai, Colac Bay.

fruticosa Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Common, sea-level to 4,000 ft.


Ealeocarpus Hookerianus Raoul. Jan. Common.


Linum monogynum Forst. Oct.–Jan. Common along coast, and ascending 2,000 ft.


Geraniummicrophyllum Hook. f. Nov.–Mar. Abundant.

sessiliflorum Cav. Nov.–Feb. On all sand-flats, ascending 3,000 ft.

Pelargonium australe Jacq. Nov.–Feb. Shady places on bush tracks.

– 224 –

Oxalis corniculata Linn. Nov.–Jan. Bluff Hill, Blackmount, river-flats generally.

magellanica Forst. Jah.–Feb. The Hump, Hauroko district, Eyre Mountains, Cuthbert Peak, Waiau, Lake Harris.


Melicope simplex A. Cunn. Sept.–Oct. Mixed bush throughout.


Pennantia corymbosa Forst. Nov.–Dec. Waihopai, Hokonuis, Wyndham.


Discaria toumatou Raoul. Nov.–Dec. Common on open lands, ascending to 3,000 ft. Not at Stewart Island.


Coriaria ruscifolia Linn. Nov.–Jan. Abundant.

thymifolia Humb. & Bonp. Dec.–Jan. Princess Range, Milford Track, Takitimus, The Hump, Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn Stewart Island.

angustissima Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Same localities; common on western mountains.


Gorallospartium crassicaule J. B. Armstr. Dec.–Jan. Mount Roy, Wanaka, Queenstown, Eyre Mountains.

Notospartium Carmichaeliae Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Lake Wakatipu.

Carmichaeliagrandiflora Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Bald Peak, Kinloch, Clinton Saddle.

flagelliformis Col. Nov.–Jan. Common around Wakatipu.

svbulata Kirk. Common.

virgata Kirk. Nov.–Dec. Makarewa, Orepuki.

Sophora tetraptera J. Mull. var. microphylla Hook f. Nov.–Dec. Common throughout. Not at Stewart Island.


Rubusaustralis Forst. Sept.–Oct. Abundant.

cissoides A. Cunn. Oct.–Dec. In the open bush throughout.

schmidelioides A. Cunn. Oct.–Dec. Common throughout.

— var. coloratus Kirk. Stewart Island (rare); near Thule Bay Paterson Inlet; Mason Bay.

subpauperatus Cockayne. Fairly common throughout; rare Stewart Island.

Geumparviflorum Sm. Dec.–Feb. Ben Lomond, Takitimus, Clinton Saddle, Eyre Mountains.

uniflorum Buch. Jan.–Feb. Takitimus, Eyre Mountains, Lake Harris, Mount Cleughearn.

leiospermum Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Mount Cardrona Cuthbert Peak.

urbanum var. strictum Linn. Nov.–Jan. Waikaka.

– 225 –

Potentilla anserina Linn. Nov.–Jan. Becoming common weed; rare Stewart Island.

— var. anserinoides Raoul.

Acaenanovae-zealandiae Kirk. Nov.–Jan. Common.

Sanguisorbae Vahl. Nov.–Jan. Sandy flats throughout.

— var. pilosa Kirk. Nov.–Jan. Not very common.

microphylla Hook. f Nov.–Jan. Riverton Beach, Takitimus, Fortrose, Eyre Mountains, River Lochy.

Buchanani Hook. f. var. longe filamentosa Bittel. Riverton Beach, Takitimus, Fortrose.

adscendens Vahl. Dec.–Jan. Lake Wakatipu, Takitimus, Hector Mountains.

glabra Buch. Jan.–Feb. Lake Harris.


Donatia novae-zealandiae Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Common on all alpine moors.

Carpodetus serratus Forst. Dec.–Jan. Common throughout up to 1,500 ft.


Weinmannia racemosa Linn. Dec.–Jan. Common throughout southeastern coastal forests.


Crassulamoschata D.C. Nov.–Jan. All along the coast.

diffusa Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island.

Sinclairii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Winton.

acutifolia Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Dunsdale, Winton.

multicaulis Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Bluff Hill.

purpurata Hook. f. Otahu Flat near Clifden, Lake Wanaka.


Droserastenopetala Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common on all alpine moors.

Arcturi Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Common on all alpine moors.

pygmaea D.C. Jan.–Feb. Bluff Hill, Wyndham Valley; rare.

spathulata Labill. Dec.–Jan. Common on all bog flats.

binata Labill. Dec.–Jan. Common on all bog flats.


Halorrhagiserecta Schind. Dec.–Feb. Fairly common.

depressa Walp. Nov.–Jan. Abundant.

procumbens Cheeseman. Fairly common, Stewart Island.

— var. serpyllifolia Benth. Nov.–Jan. Fairly common.

micrantha R. Br. Nov.–Jan. Abundant, sea-level to 3,000 ft.

Myriophyllumelatinoides Gaud. Nov.–Feb. Most rivers and lakes.

intermedium D.C. Dec.–Mar. Stewart Island.

pedunculatum Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Blackmount, Fortrose, Lake Hauroko, Bluff Hill.

Gunneramonoica Raoul. Nov.–Jan. Abundant on all damp places.

prorepens Hook. f. Stewart Island (on old dunes, Mason Bay and Rakeahua Valley).

– 226 –

Gunneraalbocarpa (Kirk) Cockayne. Nov. Common.

dentata Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Lowther, Milford Track, Seaward Bush, Dart and Routeburn Valleys.

arenaria Cheeseman. Dec.–Jan. Sandy Point, Stewart Island (Mason Bay).

Hamiltonii Kirk. Oreti Mouth, Bluff, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island (Mason Bay). Common around Invercargill.

Callitricheverna Linn. Nov.–Dec. Abundant in most streams and lakes.

Muelleri Sond. Waihopai, and generally on damp ground, Stewart Island.


Leptospermum scoparium Forst. Oct.–Mar. Abundant.

— var. myrtifolium Hook. f. Kingston district.

Metrosideroslucida Rich. Dec.–Jan. Abundant throughout mixed forest.

hypericifolia A. Cunn. Dec.–Feb. Common on trees and rocks throughout.

Myrtusobcordata Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Winton district; rare.

pendunculata Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Abundant throughout.


Epilobiumpollidiflorum Sol. Dec.–Feb. Abundant in marshes throughout.

chionanthum Haussk. Nov.–Feb. Abundant in ditches and damp ground.

Billardierianum Ser. Nov.–Feb. South Hillend, Seaward Bush, Stewart Island.

chloraefolium Haussk. Nov.–Mar. Eyre Mountains, Clinton Saddle.

junceum Sol. Nov.–Feb. Dunsdale, Hokonuis, Stewart Island.

pubens A. Rich. Nov.–Feb. Bluff, Blackmount, Stewart Island, Hokonuis, and common throughout.

tasmanicum Haussk. Abundant in most high mountains.

pictum Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Hokonuis, Routeburn Valley, Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn.

tenuipes Hook. f. Takitimus.

Hectori Haussk. Dec.–Feb. Lower Takitimus.

alsinoides A. Cunn. Nov.–Feb. Abundant.

rotundifolium Forst. Nov.–Feb. Abundant.

insulare Haussk. Dec.–Feb. Hokonuis, Dunsdale, Seaward Bush, Clinton Valley.

linnaeoides Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common.

nummularifolium A. Cunn. Dec.–Feb. Abundant.

— var. pedunculare Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Bluff, Lake Hauroko, Clinton Valley, Stewart Island.

mimimum Kirk. Base of Bluff Hill, West Coast Sounds, and Stewart Island.

caespitosum Haussk. Bluff, Fortrose.

macropus Hook. f. Dec.–Mar. Lake Harris, Hector Mountains, Mount Cleughearn, Routeburn.

melanocaulon Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Te Anau, Queenstown, Mount Cleughearn; abundant in stony river-beds.

glabellum Forst. Dec.–Feb. Abundant; not at Stewart Island.

arcuatum Petrie. Clinton Valley, McKinnon's Pass.

– 227 –

Fuchsiaexcorticata Linn. f. Sept.–Jan. Abundant.

Colensoi Hook. f. Oct.–Feb. Waihopai, Wyndham, Makarewa, Seaward Bush, Hokonuis, Stewart Island.


Mesembryanthemum australe Sol. Nov.–Mar. Most coastal cliffs.

Tetragonia expansa Murr. Nov.–Dec. Ruapuke, Stewart Island.

trigyna Banks & Sol. Dec.–Feb. On most beaches.


Hydrocotyletripartita R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Bluff Hill, Riverton Beach, Stewart Island (Mason Bay).

— var. hydrophila Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Bluff.

moschata Forst. Nov.–Feb. Bob's Cove, Mount Cleughearn, Burnett Peak, Routeburn Valley.

americana Linn. Dec.–Feb. Abundant on damp soil.

asiatica Linn. Dec.–Feb. Abundant on damp soil.

microphylla A. Cunn. Dec.–Feb. Blackmount, Takitimus, Stewart Island.

novae-zealandiae D.C. Dec.–Feb. Common.

AzorellaHaastii Benth. & Hook. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus.

Hookeri Drude. Takitimus, Hokonuis.

hydrocotyloides Benth & Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

nitens Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Lake Te Anau, Clinton Valley, Blackmount.

Cockaynei Diels. Stewart Island (Mason Bay).

Actinotus novae-zealandiae Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Wet bogs, mainland and Stewart Island.

Apium prostratum Labill. Nov.–Mar. Common on coastal rocks.

Oreomyrrhis andicola Eadl. Nov.–Feb. Longwood Range, Matukituki Valley, Stewart Island, Takitimus, Rakeahua Valley.

Crantzia lineata Nutt. Nov.–Jan. Hard sand-flats throughout.

AciphyllaAciphylla Colensoi Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Queenstown, Takitimus, Humboldts, Eyre Mountains.

squarrosa Forst. Nov.–Jan. Common, sea-level to 3,000 ft.

Lyallii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Te Anau, Lake Wanaka, Clinton Valley, Mount Burns.

Hectori Buch. Jan.–Feb. Hector's Col; Mount Aspiring.

Traillii Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island.

Kirkii Buch. Jan. Hector Mountains, Mount Alta.

pinnatifida Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Princess Range, Garvie Mountains.

Monroi Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Hector Mountains.

Spedeni Cheeseman. Walter Peak, Eyre Mountains.

Crosby-Smithii Petrie sp. nov. ined. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cleughearn.

Anisotomeintermedia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Waikawa Cliffs, Stewart Island; common, but only to south and west of island.

Lyallii Hook, f. Dec.–Jan. Sounds, south-west coast.

Haastii Cockayne and Laing. Dec.–Jan. Takitimus, Princess Range, The Hump, Clinton Valley, Mount Cleughearn.

aromatica Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Takitimus, Princess Range, Hump, Clinton Valley, Cuthbert Peak.

petraea Cheeseman. Dec.–Jan. Takitimus.

– 228 –

Anisotomeflabellata Cockayne. Jan.–Feb. Stewart Island; confined to south and west of island.

pilifera Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

imbricata Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Not uncommon in western mountains.

brevistylis Hook. f. Eyre Mountains.

Angelica Gingidium Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Fairly common, but rapidly disappearing.

Daucus brachiatus Sieb. Nov.–Jan. Queenstown.


Stilbocarpa Lyallii J. B. Armstr. Dec.–Feb. Coal Island, Preservation Inlet, Stewart Island; common on Mutton-bird Island.

Nothopanax lineare Harms. Jan.–Feb. Lake Hauroko and Hump forest, Preservation Inlet, Mount Cleughearn forest.

simplex Seem. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout.

parvum Cockayne. Stewart Island; not abundant.

Edgerleyi Harms. Jan.–Feb. Fairly common.

anomalum Seem. Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island (Rakeahua Valley), Hokonuis.

Colensoi Seem. Dec.–Feb. Abundant up to 3,000 ft.

arboreum Seem. July–Aug. Lake Hauroko and Hump forests, Mount Cleughearn forest.

Schefflera digitata Forst. Jan.–Feb. Common throughout.

Pseudopanaxcrassifolium C. Koch var. unifoliatum Kirk. Feb.–April. Abundant throughout.

ferox Kirk. Feb.–Mar. Wakatipu, Hokonuis, Clifden, Wanaka, Crescent Island, Mount Sunnyside, Waiau.


Corokia Cotoneaster Raoul. Nov. Waihopai, Makarewa, Mount Linton, Takitimus, River Lochy, Wakatipu.

Griselinia littoralis Raoul. Abundant throughout.


Coprosmalucida Forst. Sept.–Oct. Common throughout the district.

serrulata Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Common to all western mountains.

Cunninqhamii Hook. f. Aug.–Sept. Makarewa.

rotundifolia A. Cunn. Sept.–Oct. Common.

areolata Cheeseman. Sept.–Oct. Waihopai, Hokonuis, Stewart Island.

rhamnoides A. Cunn. Sept.–Nov. Eyre Mountains and Clinton Valley, Waihopai; abundant.

parviflora Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Waihopai, Hokonuis, Seaward Bush, Clinton Valley, Stewart Island, Eyre Mountains.

ramulosa Petrie. Sept.–Oct. Fairfax, Otautau, Clinton Valley, Hokonuis, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem, Table Hill), Eyre Mountains.

ciliata Hook. f. Sept.–Oct. Fairly common in mountains.

crassifolia Col. Sept.–Oct. Hokonuis, Waihopai, Seaward Bush.

rigida Cheeseman. Sept.–Oct. Waihopai, Orepuki.

nubra Petrie. Sept.–Nov Clifden.

virescens Petrie. Sept.–Oct. Clifden, Wyndham.

acerosa A. Cunn. Sept.–Nov. Common on sand-dunes.

– 229 –

Coprosmapropinqua A. Cunn. Sept.–Oct. Abundant.

linariifolia Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Common.

foetidissima Forst. Aug.–Oct. Abundant.

Colensoi Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Longwood forest and all western forests, Hokonuis, Stewart Island.

Banksii Petrie. Nov.–Jan. Longwood forest, Takitimus, Stewart Island (in forest).

retusa Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Saddle, Lake Te Anau, Longwoods, Table Hill.

cuneata Petrie. Nov.–Jan. Longwoods, Takitimus, and in all mountain scrubs, Stewart Island.

repens Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Longwoods, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island; abundant on all high mountains.

rugosa Cheeseman. Blackmount, Longwoods, Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn.

Astoni Petrie. Longwoods, Stewart Island (Rakeahua Mountain).

Nerteradepressa Banks & Sol. Oct.–Feb. Common throughout.

dichondraefolia Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout.

setulosa Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Fortrose, Bluff, Stewart Island.

Galium umbrosum Sol. Nov.–Mar. Common on damp ground.

Asperula perpusilla Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Fortrose, Woodend, Takitimus, Ocean Beach.


Lagenophorapumila Cheeseman. Oct.–Mar. Abundant.

petiolata Hook. f. Oct.–Mar. Abundant.

Barkeri Kirk. Dec.–Feb. Clinton Valley, in the open.

pinnatifida Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Routeburn Valley.

Brachycomelineata Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Te Anau.

Sinclairii, Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus, Hector, Eyre Mountains, and all higher mountains.

odorata Hook. f. Fortrose.

Thomsoni Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island, Bluff (Ward Parade), Arrow.

— var. polita Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cleughearn.

Olearia operina Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Coastal scrub, West Coast Sounds in general.

angustifolia Hook. f. Nov. Puysegur Point, Bluff (Ward Parade), Stewart Island (Paterson Inlet, and coast to south and west).

Traillii Kirk. Nov.–Dec. Stewart Island, very local; growing with O. angustifolia on coast.

Colensoi Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. South-west Sounds, Stewart Island; common on coast, especially to south and west of Paterson Inlet.

arborescens (Forst. f.) Cockayne and Laing. Nov.–Deo. Bluff Hill, Oreti Mouth, Eyre Mountains, Tewaewae Bay, Stewart Island.

macrodonta Baker. Jan.–Feb. Very local.

ilicifolia Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Waikawa, Clinton Valley, Stewart Island; rare.

lacunosa Hook f. Oct.–Nov. Steep slopes, Cuthbert Peak, Fiord County.

Crosby-Smithiana Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Princess Range (End Peak).

moschata Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Clinton Saddle, Humboldt, Takitimu, and Eyre Mountains.

– 230 –

Oleariaoleifolia Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Resolution Island, Routeburn Valley.

nummularifolia Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Wairaki district, Colac Bay, Eyre Mountains.

avicenniaefolia Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Waiau Beach, Preservation Inlet Track, Stewart Island, Eyre Mountains.

fragrantissima Petrie. Nov.–Dec. Wyndham.

odorata Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Head of Lochy River.

Hectori Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Wyndham, Otautau, Matukituki Valley.

divaricata Cockayne. Stewart Island.

virgata Hook. f. var. lineata Kirk. Nov.–Dec. Banks of rivers and mountain-valleys throughout.

Willcoxii Petrie. Queenstown.

CelmisiaWalkeri Kirk. Dec.–Feb. Most mountains above 3,000 ft.; not recorded from Stewart Island.

ramulosa Hook. f. Jan. Princess Range, Clinton Saddle, Cecil Peak, Eyre Mountains.

holosericea Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Saddle.

prorepens Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains, Walter Peaks, Lake-Monowai Flat.

densiflora Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Mount Beaumont, Takitimus, Mount Burnett, Lake Wakatipu.

discolor Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. All mountains above 3,000 ft.

Lindsayi Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Wairaki district, Waikawa.

Sinclairii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Valley, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

Traversii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. The Hump, Cuthbert Peak, West Waiau.

petiolata Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains.

verbascifolia (= Brownii) Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Eyre Mountains, Preservation Inlet, Milford Sound, Clinton Saddle, Cuthbert Peak.

coriacea Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Some form of this very varied species is to be found on all mountains.

— var. stricta Cockayne. Takitimus.

lanceolata Cockayne. Jan.–Feb. Longwood Range, The Hump, Cuthbert Peak.

Petriei Cheeseman. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Saddle, Princess Range, Humbolt Mountains, Lake Te Anau.

Lyallii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Takitimus, Eyre Mountains.

rigida (Kirk) Cockayne. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island.

longifolia Cass. Nov.–Mar. Common on all virgin land.

spectabilis Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains.

Haastrii Armstr. Dec.–Jan. Longwoods, Stewart Island.

Haastii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains.

laricifoia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. All mountains; not noted at Stewart Island.

Hectori Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Remarkables, Mount Earnslaw, Mount Alta, Eyre Mountains.

Poppelwellii Petrie sp. nov. ined. Jan.–Feb. Stewart Island, Mount Cleughearn.

sessiliflora Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. All mountains above 3,000 ft.

argentea Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Princess Range, Takitimus, Clinton Saddle, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island.

– 231 –

Celmisiabellidioides Kirk. Dec.–Jan. Longwoods, Princess Range (Cecil Peak), Takitimus, Eyre Mountains.

glandulosa Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Valley, Takitimus.

viscosa Hook. f. Jan. Takitimus.

Vittadinia australis A. Rich. Nov.–Feb. Common around Lake Wakatipu.

Haastia Sinclairii Hook f. Dec.–Feb. Shingle-slope, Mount Burns.

Gnaphalium LyalliForst. Jan. Milford Sound, Stewart Island.

Traversii Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Princess Range, Blackmount, and most mountains except Stewart Island.

japonicum Thunb. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout.

paludosum Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains.

luteo-album Linn. Nov.–Mar. Eyre Mountains; common throughout.

collinum Labill. Nov.–Mar. Common in virgin pastures.

trinerve Forst. f. Common throughout.

Raoulia australisHook. f. Dec.–Feb. Most hard sand-dunes.

Beauverdii Cockayne sp. nov. Sand-dunes throughout district.

tenuicaulis Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Preservation Track, The Hump.

glabra Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Near Mason Bay, Stewart Isbland, and throughout all high hills on mainland.

Haastii Hook. f. Mararoa River beds.

subsericea Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Abundant on lower mountains.

grandiflora Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Takitimus, Princess, and Eyre Mountains.

Parkii Buch. Dec.–Jan. Mounts Alta and Hector, Lake Wanaka, Ben Lomond.

Hectori Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Hector Mountains, Mount Pisa.

eximia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Alps of Lake district.

Buchanani Kirk. Clinton Saddle, Lake Harris, Mount Alta, Humboldt Mountains.

Goyeni Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Stewart Island (Mount Anglem, Table Hill, Rakeahua).

bryoides Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Hector Mountains.

Helichrysumbellidioides Wild. Nov.–Feb. Common throughout.

filicaule Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common throughout on dry grassy places.

glomeratum Benth. & Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Eyre Mountains.

Youngii Hook. f. Jan. Lake Wanaka, Mounts Cardrona and Hector.

microphyllum Benth. & Hook. Jan.–Mar. Takitimus.

Selago (Hook. f.) Benth and Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains, Takitimu Mountains.

Cassinia Vauvilliersii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Abundant throughout.

fulvida Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Rare; Blackmount, Seaward Bush.

Craspedia uniflora Forst. Dec.–Feb. Common.

— var. robusta Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Mason Bay, Clinton Valley.

— var. lanata Hook f. Jan.–Feb. Head of River Lochy.

Cotulacoronopifolia Linn. Oct.–Feb. All marshy ground; rare Stewart Island.

plumosa Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Western side of Bluff Hill.

perpusilla Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Gibbston.

Traillii Kirk. Dec.–Feb. Bluff (Ward Parade), Dog Island, Stewart Island; sand-dunes.

– 232 –

Cotulamaniototo Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Mossburn, Te Anau, Hokonuis.

squalida Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Bluff Hill, Blackmount, Clinton Valley, Lake Wakatipu.

dioica Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Common throughout, but not observed at Stewart Island.

pulchella Kirk. Dog and Centre Islands.

pectinate Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Common in mountain districts.

Abrotanellalinearis Bergg. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island.

inconspicua Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Mount Alta, Eyre Mountains, East Dome.

muscosa Kirk. Jan. Stewart Island (Table Hill, Rakeahua).

Erechtitesprenanthoides D.C. Nov.–Feb. Common throughout bush clearings.

arguta D.C. Nov.–Feb. Common throughout bush clearings.

scaberula Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Stewart Island.

quadridentata D.C. Nov.–Jan. Stewart Island.

glabrescens Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Bluff Hill, Clinton Valley, Takitimus, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island.

diversifolia Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Bluff, Stewart Island heath.

Seneciolagopus Raoul. Nov.–Jan. Waikaka, Garvie Mountains.

bellidioides Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common on all high ground.

Haastii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Wairaki (above Nightcaps).

Lyallii Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. All mountains above 2,000 ft.

scorzoneroides Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Princess Range, Clinton Saddle, Takitimus, Lake Harris, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island (Table Hill).

lautus Forster. Oct.–Mar. Oreti Mouth, Takitimus, Stewart Island.

Stewartiae J. B. Armstr. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island (Mutton-bird Islands).

revolutus Kirk. Jan.–Mar. Princess Range, The Hump, Ben Lomond, Takitimus, Mount Cleughearn, Eyre Mountains.

bifistulosus Hook. f. Dusky Bay.

elaeagnifolius Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Longwoods, Orepuki, The Hump, Clinton Valley, Stewart Island, West Coast Sounds.

— var. Buchanani Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Cuthbert Peak.

rotundifolius Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Bluff Hill, Preservation Track, Milford, and Stewart Island, where it forms the chief coastal scrub.

cassinioides Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Wairaki, above Nightcaps, Takitimus, Eyre Mountains, Mount Earnslaw, Cecil Peak.

Microseris Forsteri Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Blackmount.

Taraxacum magellanicum Comm. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus, Hokonuis, mountains of the west.

Sonchusoleraceus Linn. Nov.–Mar. Plentiful throughout.

littoralis Cockayne. Nov.–Mar. Stewart Island (Mason Bay).


Phyllachneclavigera Muell. Dec.–Mar. Takitimus, Princess Range, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem), Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn, Mount Burns.

Colensoi Bergg. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus and all Stewart Island mountains.

– 233 –

Oreostylidium subulatum Bergg. Dec.–Feb. Common on damp gravelly or peaty soils.

Forsterasedifolia Linn. Dec.–Mar. All mountains above 3,000 ft.

tenella Hook. Dec.–Mar. Princess Range, Takitimus, Clinton Saddle.

— var. oculata Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Longwoods, Stewart Island, Mounts Earnslaw and Cleughearn.

Selliera radicans Cav. Nov.–Feb. Common on muddy places.


Pratiaangulata Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Common, sea-level up to 4,000 ft.

macrodon Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Hector Mountains, Mount Cardrona, Clinton Valley.

Lobelia linnaeoides Petrie. Ben Lomond; Mounts Cardrona, Pisa, Hector, Tyndall; Eyre Mountains, Burnett Peak.

Isotoma fluviatilis Muell. Dec.–Feb. Outlet of Lake Hauroko.

Wahlenbergiagracilis A. D.C. Dec.–Feb. Common, sea-level to 4,000 ft.

saxicola R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Most dry hilly ground.

Morgani Petrie. Sandhills, Fortrose.


Gaultheria antipoda Forst. Dec.–Feb. Princess Range, The Hump, Eyre Mountains.

— var. depressa Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Princess Range, The Hump, Eyre Mountains, and Stewart Island; most high mountains.

— var. erecta Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. The Hump, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island.

perplexa Kirk. Nov.–Feb. Sea-level to 3,000 ft.

rupestris R. Br. Nov.–Feb. Takitimus, The Hump, Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn.

Pernettya nana Col. Dec.–Feb. Hector Mountains, Mount Bonpland.

Pentachondra pumila R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Princess Range, Takitimus, Mount Burns, Clinton Saddle, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island.

Stypheliaacerosa R. Br. Aug.–Nov. Bluff Hill, Awarua Plains, Greenhills, Lake Wakatipu, Stewart Island.

empetrifolia Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Woodend, Waimahaka, Cuthbert Peak, Takitimus, all western mountains, Stewart Island.

pumila Hook. f. Feb.–Mar. Princess Range, Takitimus, Mount Cleughearn.

Leucopogon Fraseri A. Cunn. Sept.–Jan. Common on dry heaths.

Archeria Traversii Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Princess Range, Clinton Valley, The Hump, and most bush-clad mountains.

DracophyllumMenziesii Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. The Hump, Mounts Humboldt and Bonpland; Preservation Inlet, Dusky Sound, Lake Harris, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

longifolium R. Br. Nov.–Mar. Common, sea-level to 3,000 ft.

Urvilleanum A. Rich. var. montanum Kirk. Eyre Mountains, Paterson Inlet (?). Kirk.

Pearsoni Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Takitimus, Stewart Island (Mount Ang-lem, Smith's Lookout).

rosmarinifolium var. politum R. Br. Dec.–Mar. Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

– 234 –

Dracophyllumprostratum Kirk. Dec.–Feb. Clinton Valley, Longwoods, The Hump, Lake Harris, Eyre Mountains.

uniflorum Hook. f. Subalpine scrub, Takitimu Mountains; also river-terrace scrub near Lake Wakatipu.


Samolus repens Pers. Nov.–Feb. Common on all coasts.


MyrsineUrvillei A. D.C. Jan.–Mar. Abundant throughout.

chathamica F. Muell. Sept.–Oct. Stewart Island (Wilson's Bay).

divaricata A. Cunn. Aug.–Oct. Common throughout.

nummularia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Clinton Saddle, Takitimus, Eyre Mountains, Wyndham, Mount Cleughearn, River Lochy, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).


Parsonsiaheterophylla A. Cunn. Nov.–Jan. Abundant everywhere.

capsularis R. Br. Nov.–Dec. Greenhills; very rare


Mitrasaeme novae-zealandiae Hook. f. Stewart Island (Fraser Peaks, Rakeahua, Smith's Lookout).


Gentianalineata Kirk. Jan.–Mar. Longwood heath, Otatara Road, Invercargill, Stewart Island.

Grisebachii Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Dunsdale, Stewart Island.

corymbifera Kirk. Jan.–Mar. Princess Range, Ben Lomond, Eyre Mountains.

montana Forst. Jan.–Mar. Dusky Bay.

patula Cheeseman. Jan.–Mar. Abundant throughout mountain districts.

flaccida Petrie. Jan.–Mar. Princess Range.

saxosa Forst. Jan.–Mar. Abundant on the coast.

bellidifolia Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Eyre Mountains.

Matthewsii Petrie. Lake Harris.

Liparophyllum Gunnii Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Longwood Range, Stewart Island.

Myosotispulvinaris Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Mount Hector, Mount Cardrona, Eyre Mountains.

macrantha Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Eyre Mountains, Clinton Saddle, Ben Lomond.

Cheesemanii Petrie. Hector Mountains.

antarctica Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Bluff, Fortrose, Clinton Saddle, Riverton Beach, Stewart Island.

australis R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Ben Lomond, Fairlight.

– 235 –

MyosotisForsteri Lehm. Oct.–Feb. Clinton Valley.

albida Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Bluff cliffs, Preservation Inlet Road.

Goyeni Petrie. Nov.–Jan. Near cemetery, Queenstown; Mount Roy, Queenstown; Wakatipu.

spathulata Forst. Nov.–Jan. Winton.

Lyallii Hook. f. Milford.

Tetrachondra Hamiltonii Petrie. Makarewa River.


Calystegiatuguriorum R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Fairly common on the edges of bush clearings.

Soldanella R. Br. Nov.–Mar. Abundant on all sand-dunes.

Dichondrabrevifolia Buch. Nov.–Jan. Abundant throughout.

repens Forst. Nov.–Dec. Lake-side, Eyre Mountains.


Solanumaviculare Forst. Dec.–Mar. Rare; probably introduced from Otago.

nigrum Linn. Gentle Annie, Kawarau Gorge.


Calceolaria repens Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Oreti River Mouth.

Mazus radicans Cheeseman. Nov.–Feb. Moderately common.

Gratiola peruviana Linn. Nov.–Feb. Lake Hauroko, Lake Te Anau.

Glossostigmaelatinoides Benth. Dec.–Feb. Damp ground and marshes. Fairly common.

submersum Petrie. Jan. Oreti River, Otatara.

Limosella tenuifolium Nutt. Dec.–Feb. Riverton Beach, Fortrose, sanddunes.

Veronicasalicifolia Forst. Dec.–Mar. Common throughout, except Stewart Island.

amabilis Cheeseman. Jan. Back of Bluff Hill, Preservation Inlet, Stewart Island (Port William, Paterson Inlet), West Coast Sounds.

leiophylla Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Mataura Valley below Rarawa.

Menziesii Benth. Dec.–Feb. Dusky Bay.

elliptica Forst. Dec.–Feb. Common around coast of Foveaux Strait and Stewart Island, Longwoods.

Matthewsii Cheeseman. Milford Sound, Humboldt Mountains.

subalpina Cockayne. Dec.–Mar. Common on all western mountains.

Cockayniana Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Clinton Valley, Humboldt Mountains, Mount Earnslaw.

obovata Kirk. Mount Earnslaw.

buxifolia Benth. Jan.–Mar. Common on all mountain-ranges.

— var. prostrata Cockayne. Longwood Range, Mounts Cleughearn and Burns, Mount Anglem.

— var. odora Kirk. Codfish Island, Stewart Island (Mason Bay and Pegasus).

pinguifolia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Burnett Peak, Wakatipu.

Buchanani Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Mount Alta, Ben Lomond, Burnett Peak; common on most mountains, except wettest districts.

– 236 –

Veronicapimeleoides Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Queenstown, Kawarau Gorge.

Gilliesiana Kirk. Dec.–Mar. Mount Alta.

quadrifaria Kirk. Dec.–Mar. Mount Alta.

Hectori Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Hector Mountains, Mount Earnslaw, Princess Range, Mount Humboldt, Mount Cleughearn.

Armstrongii Kirk var. annulata Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus.

Laingii Cockayne. Jan. Mount Anglem, Clinton Saddle.

propinqua Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Mount Bonpland, Eyre Mountains.

cupressoides Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Lake district.

epacridea Hook. f. Mount Roy, Lake Wanaka.

Petriei Kirk. Takitimus, Mount Bonpland, Bold Peak, Kinloch.

dasyphylla Kirk. Ben Lomond, Cecil Peak, Mount Roy.

uniflora Kirk. Hector's Col, Mount Aspiring, East Dome.

macrantha Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Common on all western mountains.

erecta Buch. Mount Bonpland.

ciliolata Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Mount Alta, Hector's Col, Mount Cleughearn.

linifolia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Lake Wanaka mountains, near Arrowtown, Eyre Mountains.

catarractae Forst. Nov.–Jan. South-west Sounds and western mountain valleys.

Lyallii Hook. f. Nov.–Mar. Blackmount, Mataura, Nokomai, Eyre Mountains, Takitimus, head of Lochy River.

Bidwillii Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Takitimus, Eyre Mountains, Burnett Peak.

Thomsoni Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Mount Alta, Eyre Mountains.

Willcoxii Petrie sp. nov. in ed. Routeburn.

monticola Hook. f. Common on western mountains.

prorepens Petrie sp. nov. Mount Earnslaw, Burnett Peak.

Ourisiamacrocarpa Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Clinton Valley, south-west coast generally.

macrophylla Hook. Nov.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Lake Hauroko, Takitimus, Stewart Island mountains.

sessilifolia Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Mount Bonpland, Princess Range, Burnett Peak, Mount Cleughearn, Mount Anglem.

Cockayniana Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Cosmos Peak, Lake Wakatipu, Lake Harris Saddle.

caespitosa Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Takitimus, Clinton Saddle, Ben Lomond, Princess Range, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

prorepens Petrie. Feb. The Hump, Mount Bonpland, Eyre Mountains, Routeburn, Cuthbert and Burnett Peaks, Stewart Island.

modesta Diels. Stewart Island (Rakeahua Valley).

glandulosa Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Ben Lomond, Mount Alta, Mount Cardrona, Eyre Mountains.

Euphrasiazealandica Wettst. Dec.–Mar. Takitimus, Blackmount, Mossburn, Eyre Mountains.

Dyeri Wettst. Stewart Island (Table Hill).

repens Hook. f. Feb.–Mar. Ocean Beach, Bluff, Fortrose, Oreti Mount, Riverton Beach.

umbellata Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Oret River, Otatara.

australis Petrie. Feb. Princess Range, Clinton Saddle, Lake Harris.

Crosby-Smithii Petrie sp. nov. ined. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cleughearn.

integrifolia Petrie sp. nov. ined. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cleughearn.

– 237 –


Utricularia monanthos Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common on wet ground.


Myoporum laetum Forst. Oct.–Jan. Bluff and Stewart Island; said to have been introduced from Otago.


Mentha Cunninghamii Benth. Nov.–Mar. Common, sea-level to 3,000 ft.


PlantagoRaoulii Dec. Nov.–April. Common along the coast.

spathulata Hook. f. Dec.–Mar. Waikawa, Bluff (Ward Parade); fairly common

Brownin Rapin. Dec.–Feb. Common, Fortrose to Bluff and Stewart Island; abundant in mountain bogs.

triandra Bergg. var. Hamiltonii Kirk Dec.–Mar. Fortrose, Bluff, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island (Tab'e Hill).


Scleranthus biflorus Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Fairly common.


Chenopodiumglaucum Linn. Jan.–Feb. Beaches above high-water mark.

detestans Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Lake district.

AtriplexBillardieri Hook. f. Jan.–April. Paterson Inlet, Fortrose, Riverton Beach.

Buchanani Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Centre Island, Oreti Mouth.

Salicornia australis Sol. Dec.–April. Abundant along shore.

Suaeda maritima Forskal. Dec.–Mar. Common on salt marshes.


Polygonum aviculare Linn. Nov.–Mar. Bluff Hill.

Rumexflexuosus Sol. Dec.–Mar. Abundant throughout.

neglectus Kirk. Nov.–Mar. Common along rocky shores.

Muehlenbeckiaaustralis Meissn. Dec.–April. Common on Centre Island; not common on Stewart Island.

complexa Meissn. Dec.–April. Abundant on outskirts of forests.

axillaris Walp. Jan.–Feb. Takitimus, The Hump, Eyre Mountains, and abundant on stony river-beds.


Ascarina lucida Hook. f. Sept.–Nov. Preservation Inlet, Stewart Island.


Pimeleaarenaria A. Cunn. Dec.–Mar. Sand-dunes; not very common.

Gnidia Willd. Dec.–Jan. Dusky Bay, foot of Burnett Peak.

Crosby-Smithiana Petrie. Dec.–Jan. The Hump.

– 238 –

Pimelealaevigata Gaertn. Oct.–Mar. Abundant on dry virgin land.

— var. alpina. Oct.–Mar. The Hump.

Lyallii Hook. f. Dec.–Mar. Sand-dunes, Fortrose, Mounts Cleughearn and Burns, Stewart Island.

Drapetes Dieffenbachii Hook. f. Dec.–Mar. Common on most mountains; sea-level, Awarua Plains and Paterson Inlet.

Lyallii Hook. f. Humboldt and Hector Mountains, Eyre Mountains, Mounts Burns and Cleughearn.


Loranthus micranthus Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Fairly common except Stewart Island.

Elytranthetetrapetala Engl. Oct.–Nov. Common throughout.

Colensoi Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Throughout western forests.

flavida Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Queenstown, Mount Cleughearn forest.

Tupeia antarctica Cham. & Schl. Nov.–Dec. Waihopai, Seaward Bush, Winton, and throughout.

Korthalsella Lindsayi Oliver. Oct.–Feb. Winton, Seaward Bush, Greenhills.


Euphorbia glauca Forst. Nov.–Feb. Stewart Island.


Paratrophis heterophylla Blume. Jan.–Feb. Hokonuis.

Urticaferox Forst. Sept.–Dec. Hokonuis, Mount Sunnyside, Waiau.

australis Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Dog and Centre Islands.

incisa Poir. Nov.–Mar. Scattered throughout forests.

— var. linearifolia Hook. f. Humboldt Mountains.


NothofagusMenziesii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Plentiful in south-western districts.

fusca Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Western district thoughout, but local.

Blairii Kirk. Wakatipu, Dart Valley, Martin's Bay.

Solandri Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Common in western district, Eyre Mountains.

cliffortioides Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Common in western district, Eyre Mountains.


Libocedrus Bidwillii Hook. f. Lilburn, Te Anau.


Podocarpustotara D. Don. Very local and rare.

Hallii Kirk. Common.

ferrugineus D. Don. Throughout, common.

spicatus R. Br. Plentiful, but local.

– 239 –

Podocarpus dacrydioides A. Rich. Common.

nivalis Hook. Eyre Mountains, mountains of west and north-west, Mount Arnold, Clinton Saddle.

Dacrydium biforme Pilger. Stewart Island (Mount Anglem, Port Pegasus), Lilburn.

Bidwillii Hook. f. General in subalpine forests.

cupressinum Sol. Abundant throughout.

intermedium Kirk. Western forests and Stewart Island.

laxifolium Hook. Takitimus, Longwoods, Princess Range, Waikawa (Curio Bay), Stewart Island.

Phyllcladus trichomanoides D. Don. Rare.

alpinus Carr: Lilburn, Princess Range, and general.


Dendrobium Cunninghamii Lindl. Greenhills; common, Stewart Island.

Earina mucronata Lindl. Nov.–Feb. Common throughout virgin forests.

suaveolens Lindl. Feb.–Mar. Common throughout virgin forests.

Sarchochilus adversus Hook. f. Nov.—Dec. Tokonui, Stewart Island.

Thelymitra longifolia Forst. Dec.–Jan. Bluff. (Kirk).

pachyphylla Cheeseman. Dec.–Jan. Abundant on damp grounds.

uniflora Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Abundant on damp ground.

Microtis porrifolia R. Br. Nov.–Jan. Abundant throughout fields.

Prasophyllum Colensoi Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Common up to 4,000 ft.

Pterostylis Banksii R. Br. Nov.–Jan. Common in all shady forests.

australis Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Common in all shady forests.

graminea Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Hump forest, Stewart Island.

Lyperanthus antarcticus Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Lower peak of the Hump, Longwood, Stewart Island.

Caladenia minor Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Golden Bay Track, Stewart Island.

Lyallii Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Greenhills, Woodend, Stewart Island.

bifolia Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Bluff. Woodend, Stewart Island.

Chiloglottis cornuta Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Rather rare.

Adenochilus gracilis. Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Lake Hauroko forests, west of Lake Te Anau.

Corysanthes rivularis Hook. f. Oct.–Dec. Lake Hauroko forest, Stewart Island.

rotundifolia Hook. f. Oct.–Dec. Common in shady places.

triloba Hook. f. Sept. Bluff Hill, Longwood forest, Stewart Islands.

macrantha Hook. f. Nov.–Feb. Lake Hauroko. forest, Stewart Island.

oblonga Hook. f. Oct.–Nov. Stewart Island.

Gastrodia Cunninghamii Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. East and west sides of Longwoods, Greenhills, Lochy River valley, Stewart Island, rare.


Libertia ixioides Spreng. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout.

grandiflora Sweet. Nov.–Dec. Tokonui, Waianiwa.

pulchella Spreng Nov.–Jan. The Hump, Takitimus, Longwooda. Stewart Island.

– 240 –


Rhipogonum scandens Forst. Nov.–Jan. Thinly distributed throughout; rare at Seaward Bush, common at Stewart Island.

Luzuriaga marginata Banks & Sol. Dec.–Feb. Common throughout virgin forests.

Cordylineaustralis Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout, rare at Stewart Island.

Banksii Hook. f. Nov.–Dec. Dusky Sound.

indivisa Steud. Dec.–Jan. Dusky Sound.

Astelialinearis Hook. f. Nov.–Jan. Subalpine bogs throughout.

Petriei Cockayne. Nov.–Dec. Lake Harris, Clinton Saddle.

nervosa Banks & Sol. Nov.–Dec. Common throughout in lowland forest.

montana Cockayne. Nov.–Dec. Longwoods, Takitimus, Princess Range, western mountains generally, sea-level around Inver-largill.

Petriei Cockayne. Lake Harris Saddle, Clinton Valley.

subulata Cheeseman. Stewart Island (near Fraser Peaks).

Dianella intermedia Endl. Nov.–Dec. Wakatipu district; not known around Foveaux Strait.

Phormiumtenax Forst. Nov.–Jan. Abundant throughout.

Cookianum Le Jolis. Dec.–Jan. Western mountain regions, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island (Port Pegasus).

Bulbinella Gibbsii Cockayne. Nov.–Jan. Takitimus, all Stewart Island mountains.

Hookeri Benth. Nov.–Jan. On wet ground, both lowland and mountains.

Arthropodium candidum Raoul. Lake Wakatipu, Longwoods, The Hump, forest.

Herpolirion novae-zealandiae Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. On damp ground throughout.


Rostkovia gracilis Hook. f. Dec.–Feb. Hector Mountains.

Juncusantarcticus Hook. f. Blackmount, Bluff, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island.

pattidus R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island.

pauciflorus R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island.

vaquinatus R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Lake district.

effusus Linn. Dec.–Feb. Common everywhere.

planifolius R. Br. Nov.–Jan. Bluff, Blackmount; common.

lampocarpus Ehr. Nov.–Feb. Takitimus; abundant.

novae-zealandiae Hook. f. Jan.–Mar. Bluff, Clinton Valley; common on Stewart Island.

bufonius Linn. Jan.–Feb. Common.

Luzulapumila Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cardrona.

Colensoi Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Longwood Range.

micrantha Buchen. Dec.–Feb. Mount Cardrona.

Cheesemanii Buchen. Jan.–Feb. Mount Cardrona.

racemosa Desv. var. Traversii Buchen. Dec.–Feb. Ben Lomond, Lake Wakatipu, Mount Earnslaw.

campestris D.C. Dec.–Feb. Abundant throughout.

– 241 –


Freycinetta Banksii A. Cunn. Sept.–Nov. Milford Sound.


Typha angustifolia Linn. Dec.–Mar. Common.


Lemna minor Linn. Common.


Triglochin striatum Ruiz & Pav. Nov.–Jan. Bluff, Fortrose, Stewart Island.

Potamogetonnatans Linn. Dec.–Mar. Common.

Cheesemanii A. Benn. Dec.–Mar. Common.

polygonifolius Pourr. Jan.–April. Common.

Ruppia maritima Linn. Dec.–April. Abundant in brackish. water.

Zostera nana Roth: Jan. Common in salt water.


Centrolepisstrigosa Roem. & Schult. Dec.–Jan. Bluff Hill.

pallida Cheeseman. Dec.–Mar. Common in mountain bogs.

viridis Kirk. Jan.–Mar. Bluff, and common in mountain bogs.

minima Kirk. Jan.–Mar. Bluff Hill, Te Anau.

Gaimardia setaceae Hook. Dec.–Mar. All subalpine bogs.


Leptocarpus simplex A. Rich. Oct.–Jan. Common around Invercargill and gravelly shores of Lakes Manapouri and Te Anau and swamps of Stewart Island.

Hypolaena laterifolia Benth. Abundant.


Eleocharisacicularis R. Br. Dec.–Mar. Lake Te Anau.

acuta R. Br. Dec.–Mar. The Hump, Princess Range, Stewart Island; common in shallow streams.

sphacelata R. Br. Stewart Island (Freshwater Valley and Mason Bay).

Cunninghamii Boeck. Bluff, Stewart Island, and common in shallow streams.

Scripusaucklandicus Boeck. Dec.–Mar. Abundant in mountain bogs and on coast.

cernuus Vahl. Dec.–Feb. Common.

antarcticus Linn. Dec.–Mar. Abundant on coast.

inundatus Poir. Dec.–Mar. The Hump, Stewart Island.

sulcatus Thouars. Dec.–Mar. Stewart Island.

nodosus Rottb. Nov.–Feb. Common on Stewart Island.

frondosus Banks & Sol. Nov.–Feb. Common on sand-dunes.

americanus Pers. Dec.–Mar. Common in salt-water swamps.

Carpha alpina R. Br. Dec.–Mar. Abundant on hilly ground and sea-level at Bluff and Stewart Island.

– 242 –

Schoenuspauciflorus Hook. f. Dec.–Mar. All upland bogs.

axillaris Poir. Dec.–Mar. Bluff, Blackmount, Stewart Island.

apogon Roem. & Schult. Dec.–Mar. Stewart Island.

nitens Poir. Dec.–Mar. Fortrose, Stewart Island.

Cladiumglomeratum R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Swamps, Stewart Island.

Gunnii Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Bogs, Bluff Hill; Stewart Island.

Vauthiera Clarke. Dec.–Jan. Bogs; common on Stewart Island.

Gahnia procera Forst. Dec.–Jan. Common in western-beach forest, Stewart Island.

Oreoboluspumilio R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Common on all subalpine bogs.

— var. pectinatus C. B. Clarke. Jan.–Feb. Eyre Mountains, Fortrose, Bluff Hill, Stewart Island.

strictus Bergg. Jan. Bluff (Petrie), Hector Mountains, Stewart Island.

Unciniacampacta R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Common on alpine meadows.

caespitosa Boott. Dec.–Jan. Common throughout.

leptostachya Raoul. Dec.–Feb. Fairly common throughout.

riparia R. Br. Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island.

rubra Boott. Bluff Hill, Takitimus, Fortrose, Stewart Island.

rupestris Raoul var. capillacea Kukn. Dec.–Jan. Stewart Island.

rigida Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island.

filiformis Boott. Dec.–Feb. Common in forests of west.

pedicellata Kukn. Ruapuke, common in forests in Stewart Island.

macrolepis Sinclairii Don. Dec.–Feb. Hector Mountains, Dart Valley, Mount Cardrona.

tenella R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Princess Range, Clinton Valley, Routeburn.

uncinata Kukn. (australis). Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island, Clinton Saddle.

purpurata Petrie. Dec.–Feb. All mountain districts.

fusco-vaginata Kukn. Mount Hector, Mount Cardrona.

Carexpyrenaica Wahl. Dec.–Mar. Higher mountains of Lake district.

acicularis Boott. Dec.–Mar. Lake Harris, Old Man Range.

pterocarpa Petrie. Hector Mountains, Mount Pisa (Petrie).

Kirkii Petrie. Jan.–Mar. Hector Mountains.

Muelleri Petrie. Dec.–Mar. Mount Cardrona, Nevis Valley.

appressa R. Br. Nov.–Feb. Common in wet ground along coast.

virgata Sol. Dec.–Feb. Common in swamps.

secta Boott. Dec.–Feb. Common in most swamps.

ternaria Forst. Dec.–Feb. Common throughout.

lagopina Wahl. Lake Wakatipu, Mount Hector.

Gaudichaudiana Kukn. Clinton Valley.

Sinclairii Boott. Dec.–Feb. Routeburn Valley.

Raoullii Boott. Dec.–Feb. Mount Cardrona, Wakatipu, Wanaka.

wakatipu Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Ben Lomond, Mount Hector, Mount Cardrona.

lucida Boott. Nov.–Jan. Common throughout.

testacea Sol. Nov.–Feb. Stewart Island, common throughout.

Buchanani Bergg. Dec.–Jan. Common on edges of river-gravel.

rubicunda Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Te Anau.

uncifolia Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Hector Mountains, Lake Harris.

Petriei Cheeseman. Dec.–Feb. Mountain valleys, Lake district.

comans Bergg. Dec.–Feb. Bluff, generally around Invercargill, Centre Island, Stewart Island.

– 243 –

Carexplesiostachys Clarke. Nov.–Jan. Milford Sound.

litorosa Bailey. Nov.–Jan. Confined to salt swamps, Stewart Island.

dissita Sol. Nov.–Feb. Common in forests, Bluff Hill, Mount Cleug-hearn, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

Solandri Boott. Nov.–Feb. Stewart Island.

longiculmis Petrie. Dec.–Feb. Stewart Island (Glory Cove).

trifida Cav. Dec.–Feb. Abundant on coast.

pumila Thunb. Nov.–Jan. Common in hollows of sandhills.

breviculmis R. Br. Oct.–Mar. Bluff Hill; common.

Cockayniana Kukn. Nov.–Feb. Clinton Valley.

Oederi Retz. var. cataractae Kukn. Nov.–Jan. Clinton Valley.


MicrolaenaColensoi (Hook. f.) Petrie. Clinton Saddle, Takitimus, Longwood.

Thomsoni Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Longwood Range, Stewart Island (Port Pegasus, Rakeahua); common on open ground.

avenacea Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Abundant in all forests; common on Stewart Island.

stipoides R. Br. Bluff, Blackmount, Stewart Island.

Hierochloeredolens R. Br. Dec.–Feb. Common on most virgin lands.

Fraseri Hook. f. Bluff, Takitimus, Cuthbert Peak, Stewart Island.

Alopecurus geniculatus Linn. Jan.–Feb. Fairly common in marshy places.

Agrostismagellanicus Linn. Jan. Clinton Valley.

Dyeri Petrie. Dec.–Jan. Fairly common uplands throughout.

Petriei Hack. Jan. Lake Wakatipu, Nevis Valley.

muscosa T. Kirk. Jan. Bluff (Ward Parade).

Muelleri Benth. Jan.–Feb. Takitimus, Hector and Cardrona Mountains, Mount Cleughearn.

parviflora R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Hokonuis.

tenella Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Lake Wakatipu.

Deyeuxiasetifolia Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Common on all mountains.

avenoides Buch. Dec.–Feb. Common on all mountains.

Forsteri Kunth. Dec.–Feb. Common everywhere.

— var. humilior Hack. Princess Range, Lake Te Anau.

— var. littoralis Hack. Fairly common on coast.

— var. Lyallii Hack. Milford Sound, Princess Range.

Billardieri Kunth Dec.–Feb. Common on all sandhills.

pilosa (A. Rich.) Cockayne. Jan.–Feb. Clinton Saddle, Mount Cleug-hearn.

quadriseta Benth. Jan.–Feb. Bluff, Stewart Island (Rakeahua).

Dichelachnecrinita Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Fairly common.

sciurea Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Bluff Hill.

Deschampsiacaespitosa Beauv. Jan.–Feb. Fairly common.

Chapmani Petrie. Jan. Common western mountains.

pusilla Petrie. Jan. Hector and Humboldt Mountains.

novae-zealandiae Petrie. Jan. Hector Mountains, Lake Te Anau.

tenella Petrie. Jan. Clinton Saddle.

Trisetumantarcticum Trin. Common on both lowland and mountains.

Youngii Hook. f. Jan. Takitimus and other subalpine localities.

Cheesemanii Hack. Jan. Routeburn Valley Humboldt and Hector Mountains.

Danthonia Cunninghamii Hook. f. Feb.–April. Fairly common inland.

– 244 –

Danthoniaovata Buch. Feb.–Mar. Mount Eglinton.

teretifolia Petrie sp. nov. (vide ante, p. 36). Longwood and Princess Ranges.

Raoullii Steud. Jan.–Mar. Common on both lowlands and mountains.

crassiuscula Kirk. Jan.–Feb. Longwood Range, Clinton Saddle, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

pungens Cheeseman. Feb. All mountains at Stewart Island.

planifolia Petrie. Clinton Saddle.

Raoulii Steud. var. flavescens Hack. Abundant on all high mountains.

pilosa R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Abundant on lowlands and mountains.

— var. racemosa. Buch. Jan. Abundant throughout.

semiannularis R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Common.

— var. setifolia Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Common on high mountains.

Buchanani Hook. f. Lake Te Anau, Pembroke, Tukituki Valley, Mount Cleughearn.

Arundoconspicua Forst. Jan.–Mar. Common throughout.

fulvida Buch. Riverton, Mataura (Petrie).

TriodiaThomsoni Petrie. Jan. Not uncommon on drier virgin flats.

pumila Hack. Jan. Queenstown.

australis Petrie. Jan. Mount Cardrona, Cuthbert Peak.

Koeleria Kurtzii Hack. Jan.–Feb. Common on dry upland stations.

Poafoliosa Hook. f. Dec.–Jan. Herekopere Island, Solander Islands.

novae-zealandiae Hack. Jan.–Feb. Takitimus and Hector Mountains, Clinton Valley.

Poppelwelli Petrie sp. nov. (vide ante, p. 38). Herekopere Island.

pusilla Bergg. Jan.–Feb. Dog Island, Stewart Island, valleys of western mountains.

caespitosa Forst. Jan.–Feb. Common throughout.

Colensoi Hook. f. Jan.–Feb. Common on mountains.

Kirkii Buch. Jan.–Feb. Hokonuis, Longwood Range, Cuthbert Peak.

imbecilla Forst. Jan. Not uncommon.

Astoni Petrie. Nov.–Feb. Common around coast and Stewart Island.

exigua Hook. f. Hector, Cardrona, and Humboldt Mountains.

maniototo Petrie. Lake Wanaka.

oraria Petrie. Deep Cove (Aston).

Guthrie-Smithiana Petrie sp. nov. ined. Jan. Herekopere Island.

seticulmis Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Common, Bluff, Takitimus.

antipoda Petrie. Herekopere Island.

Atropis novae-zealandiae Hack. Jan.–Feb. Ocean Beach, Stewart Island (near Half-moon Bay).

Festucalittoralis Labill. Nov.–Feb. Abundant on sand-dunes.

ovina Linn. Common on the uplands.

rubra Linn. Jan.–Feb. On-shaded mountain-slopes.

— var. Matthewsii Petrie. Mount Bonpland.

Agropyron scabrum R. Br. Jan.–Feb. Upland pasture; fairly common.

Asperellalaevis Petrie. Jan.–Feb. Matukituki Valley, Milford, Waikawa.

gracilis T. Kirk. Stewart Island.


Hymenophyllumrarum R. Br. End Peak, Stewart Island.

polyanthos Swartz. Common throughout.

villosum Col. Greenhills, Lake Hauroko, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

– 245 –

Hymenophyllumaustrale Willd. Very rare, Stewart Island.

atrovirens Col. Head of Lake Wakatipu.

pulcherrimum Col. Head of Lake Hauroko and west-coast forests, Stewart Island.

dilatatum Swartz. Common throughout.

demissum Swartz. Common throughout.

scabrum A. Rich. Generally common.

flabellatum Labill. Head of Lake Hauroko; common throughout.

rufescens Kirk. Head of Lake Hauroko, Stewart Island (Rakeahua).

Cheesemanii Bak. Rare, Stewart Island.

minimum A. Rich. Stewart Island.

tunbridgense Smith. Common throughout.

bivalve Swartz. Common throughout.

multifidum Swartz. Common throughout.

ferrugineum Colla. Common throughout.

peltatum Poir. Stewart Island.

Trichomanesreniforme Forst. Common in western forests, Greenhills, Oreti Mouth, Stewart Island (Paterson Inlet, Kaipipi, and Half-moon Bay).

Lyallii. On inclined trunks of Metrosideros lucida, Mount Anglem.

venosum R. Br. Common throughout, on Dicksonia.

strictum Menzies. Stewart Island; not uncommon.


Cyathea medullaris Swartz Princess Range (End Peak), Hump forest, Stewart Island.

Hemitelia Smithii Hook. Abundant throughout.

Alsophila Colensoi Hook. f. South Riverton forest, Mount Anglem, Table Hill, Thomson Range, south coast.

Dicksonia squarrosa Swartz Abundant throughout.

fibrosa Col. Abundant.

Davallia Forsteri Carruthers. Dusky Bay

Leptolepia novae-zealandiae Col. Not uncommon throughout.

Cystopteris fragilis Bernh. Rock-crevices, head of River Lochy.

Lindsaya linearis Swartz Woodend, Bluff, Stewart Island.

Adiantum affine Willd. Greenhills, Stewart Island.

Hypolepis tenuifolium Bernh. Abundant throughout.

Cheilanthestenuifolia Swartz. Lake Wakatipu, Lake Wanaka.

Sieberi Kunze. Lake Wakatipu.

Pellaea rotundifolia Hook. Seaward Bush, Mimihau; fairly common.

Pterisaquilina Linn. var esculenta Forst. Common throughout.

scaberula A. Rich. Abundant throughout.

incisa Thunb. Abundant throughout.

BlechnumPatersoni Spreng. Hill forests at Longwoods, Riverton, Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

discolor Willd. Abundant everywhere.

vulcanica Blume. Common, but local.

lanceolata Spreng. Fairly common throughout.

Banksii Hook. f Common on coast.

dura Moore. Common on coast.

capensis Willd. Very abundant.

penna marina Kulm. Eyre Mountains.

– 246 –

Blechnumnigra Col. Milford Sound; rather scarce at Stewart Island.

fluviatile Spreng. Common in all forests.

Aspleniumadiantoides C. Chr. Fairly common at Stewart Island; rare on mainland.

obtusatum Forst. Common on coast.

lucidum Forst. Common.

scleroprium Homb. & Jacq. Local, Stewart Island.

Hookerianum Col. Very rare.

bulbiferum Forst. Common throughout.

flaccidum Forst Common throughout.

Richardi Hook. f. Hokonuis, Clinton Saddle.

PolystichumRichardi Hook. Fairly common.

vestitum Forst. Abundant.

adiantiforme J. Sm. Common in forests.

cystostegia Hook. f. Eyre Mountains, Mount Cleughearn, Burnett Peak.

Nephrodiumglabellum A. Cunn. Local.

hispidum Hook. Common throughout.

Polypodiumpunctatum Thunb. Common throughout.

pennigerum Forst. Local.

serpens Forst. Fairly common throughout.

pustulatum Forst. Rare.

Billardieri R. Br. Extremely abundant.

— var. rigidum (Homb. & Jacq.) Cockayne. Stewart Island (Mount Anglem).

pumulum Cockayne. Stewart Island, highest summits.

grammitidis R. Br. Common on tree-trunks.

diversifolium Willd. Abundant on ground.

australe Mett. Common throughout; Stewart Island (Kirk).

Gleicheniacircinata R. Br. Somewhat local.

dicarpa R. Br. Common throughout, on bogs.

alpina Hook. f. Alpine bogs and Stewart Island.

Cunninghamii Hook. Fairly common.

Schizaea fistulosa Labill. Stewart Island; common.

Todeahymenophylloides A. Rich. Not very common, and local.

superba Col. Distributed through all damp forests, but not very plentiful; common on Stewart Island.

Ophioglossum vulgatum Linn. Tokonui, Waiau River terrace.

Botrychium ternatum Swartz. Very local and rare.

Azolla rubra R. Br. Ruapuke, Wyndham.

LycopodiumSelago Linn. Scattered thinly through forests.

varium R. Br. Takitimus, Mount Anglem.

Billardieri Spreng. Common throughout.

ramulosum Kirk. Common.

fastigiatum R. Br. Princess Mountains (End Peak), The Hump, Mount Cleughearn, Stewart Island.

scariosum Forst. Woodend, Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island.

volubile Forst. Eyre Mountains, Stewart Island.

Tmesipteris tannensis Bernh. Common throughout.