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Volume 46, 1913
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Authors of Papers.
Adams, C. E.—Harmonic Tidal Constants of New Zealand Ports—Dunedin and Port Chalmers: 316
Archey, G.—A Species of Daphnia new to New Zealand 124
Aston, B. C.—
Notes on Flora of Ruahme Mountain-chain, with List of Plants 40
Plant-habitats Hitherto Unrecorded 55
Barthrum, J. A.—
Geological History of Westport—Charleston High-level Terraces 255
Some Intrusive Igneous Rocks from Westport District 262
Benham, W. B.—Nomenclature of the Birds of New Zealand 188
Berry, S. S.—Notes on Collection of Cephalopods from Kermadec Islands 134
Cheeseman, T. F.—
Contributions to a Fuller Knowledge of the Flora of New Zealand: No. 5 1
The Age and Growth of the Kauri 9
Notes on Pittosporum Dalli 19
Description of a New Celmisia 21
Cockayne, L.—Some Hitherto-unrecorded Plant-habitats (IX) 60
Cotton, C. A.—
Preliminary Note on the Uplifted East Coast of Marlborough 286
Supplementary Notes on Wellington Physiography 294
Gudex, M. C.—List of Fossil Mollusca from Bluecliffs, South Canterbury 278
Hill, H.—The Moa—Legendary, Historical, and Geological 330
Hogben, G.—
Notes on some Recent Earthquakes in New Zealand 301
Preferential Voting in Single-member Constituencies 304
Hogg, E. G.—On certain Tripolar Relations: Part II 319
Howes, W. George
New Lepidoptera 95
Life-history of some New Zealand Moths 97
Notes on the Entomology of Stewart Island 98
Laing, R. M.—Subalpine Element in Flora of Banks Peninsula 56
Malcolm, John.—Experiments on Tutin and Tutu Poisoning 248
Marshall, P.—
Notes on the Geology of Moorea and Rurutu Islands 281
Geology of Cape Runaway District 283
Marshall, P., and Uttley, G. H.—Localities for Fossils near Oamaru 279
Meyrick, E.—Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera 101
Miller, David.—Diptera of Kermadec Islands 125
Morgan, P. G.—Unconformities in the Stratified Rocks of the West Coast of the South Island 270
Morris, C. Barham.—Classified List of the New Zealand Rotatoria 213
Neill, W. T.—Methods of Observing to Elimmate Errors in Readings of Graduated Circles 309
Pegg, Miss E. J.—Ecological Study of New Zealand Sand-dune Plants 150
– 436 –
Petrie, D.—
Additions to Flora of Westport District 30
Descriptions of New Native Phanerogams 32
Occurrence of Poa antipoda Petrie on Herekopere Island 39
Philpott, A.—
New Species of Lepidoptera 118
Notes on Birds of South-western Otago 205
Poppelwell, D. L.—Notes on the Botany of Routeburn Valley and Lake Harris Saddle 22
Prout, Louis B.—New Lepidoptera (Geometridae) 122
Robertson, G. H.—A Pigment in Oysters 247
Skinner, H. D.—An Ancient Maori Stone-quarry 324
Smith, J. Crosby.—Phanerogamic Plants Indigenous in Southland District 220
Speight, R.—
Note on the Andesites of White Island 298
Additions to List of Fossils from Lower Waipara 300
Stuckey, F. G. A.—Description of Actinians from Kermadec Islands 132
Suckling, Miss L. A.—Leaf-anatomy of Trees and Shrubs on Port Hills, Christ-church 178
Uttley, G. H., and Marshall, P.—Localities for Fossils near Oamaru 279
Waite, E. R.—Notes on New Zealand Fishes: No. 4 127
Watt, M. N.—Ova of some of the Lepidoptera of New Zealand 65