Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 47, 1914

List of Plates.

(Text figures not included.)
Kirk, H. B.— Follows Page
Plate I.—Ascidioclava parasitica 146
Miller, D., and Watt, M. N.—
Plate II.—Phytomyza albiceps: Egg-pocket and track of mine made by larva 282
Plate IIIPhytomyza albiceps
    Fig. 1. Egg-pocket in leaf 284
    Fig. 2. Larva, full-grown, uncovered 284
    Fig. 3. Pupa beneath cuticle of leaf 284
    Fig. 4. Pupa exposed (lateral view) 284
    Fig. 5. Posterior respiratory processes of pupa pushed through cuticle of leaf 284
    Fig. 6. Photomyza albiceps photographed from life 284
Archey, G.—
Plate IV
    Fig. 1. Paranephrops planifrons White 314
    Fig. 2. Paranephrops setosus Hutton 314
    Fig. 3. Paranephrops zealandicus (White) 314
Chilton, C.—
Plate V.—Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station, Cass—
    Fig. 1. Station building seen from the north-east 332
    Fig. 2. General view 332
Plate VI.—Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station, Cass—
    Fig. 3. Station building seen from the south-west 334
    Fig. 4. View of the shingle-fan, looking towards Mount Sugarloaf 334
Marshall, P.—
Plate VII
    Fig. 1. View of upper basin of Papenoo Valley, Tahiti 376
    Fig. 2. View of Orohe Peak, Upper Papenoo Valley, Tahiti 376
Hall, T. S.—
Plate VIII—Graptolites from Western Otago 410
Oliver, W. R. B.—
Plates IX-XII.—Mollusca of the Kermadec Islands—
Plate IX (Figs. 1–7) 514
Plate X (Figs. 8–28) 532
Plate XI (Figs. 29–39) 540
Plate XII (Figs. 40–49) 554