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Volume 47, 1914
– 636 –

Wellington Philosophical Society.

First Meeting: 22nd April, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about forty members present.

New Members.—Mr. E. G. Jones, B.A., and Mr. J. McDonald.

Exhibits.—Dr. Thomson exhibited and described a number of interesting specimens of Native work received from New Guinea.

Dr. Newman discussed the exhibits, and contrasted them with Maori work.

Dr. Thomson drew attention to the publication of an important work on New Zealand Palaeontology, the first of a new series on the subject.

Presidential Address.—Dr. Hector delivered his presidential address, on the history and functions of the New Zealand Institute, and notes on the Cawthron Observatory scheme, illustrated by lantern-slides.

A hearty vote of thanks was carried to Dr. Hector for his interesting address.

Second Meeting: 27th May, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about forty members present.

New Members.—Dr. H. E. Gibbs, Mr. L. G. James, Mr. H. M. Miller, Mr. J. E. L. Cull, Mr. W. H. Gavin, Mr. J. W. Jack, Mr. E. H. Wilmot, Mr. T. Humphries, Mr. D. C. Bates, Dr. T. D. M. Stout, and Rev. I. von Gottfried.

Exhibits.—Dr. Thomson exhibited and described a kiwi mat with a white border, and two preserved Maori heads.

Mr. Harold Hamilton, by the invitation of the President, exhibited and described a peculiarly marked specimen of stone from the Macquarie Islands.

Wireless Time Service.—Professor Laby moved, That in the opinion of this society it is desirable—(1) That the Government should institute a wireless time service, such as is now maintained by international arrangement in Europe and America; (2) that licenses should be issued to amateur wireless operators on similar conditions to those upon which the English Government issues such licenses; and (3) that the above resolution be communicated to the Government by the President.

The resolution was seconded by Mr. A. C. Gifford, President of the Astronomical Section, and carried unanimously.

Address.—Professor Laby delivered an interesting address on “Recent Advances in Physics.”

Mr. Morgan, Professor Kirk, Mr. Gifford, Dr. Thomson, and the President took part in the discussion.

– 637 –

Paper.—Professor Laby communicated a paper by Mr. Stewart and Mr. Dall on “Earth-movements due to the Earthquake on the 8th February.”

Dr. Thomson, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Adams, Mr. Humphries, Mr. Spencer, and the President discussed the paper.

Mr. Adams announced that a new bright comet had been discovered by Zlatinsky.

He gave particulars of its orbit, and a search ephemeris supplied by the Central-stelle, and forwarded from the Melbourne Observatory.

Mr. Gifford described the path on the comet.

Special Meeting: 4th June, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and an attendance of about 200.

Professor W. M. Davis, of Harvard University, and an honorary member of the New Zealand Institute, delivered a very interesting and instructive address on the “Origin of the Coral Reefs of Fiji.”

Professor Davis was listened to with the closest attention, and on the conclusion of his lecture a hearty vote of thanks was accorded him.

Third Meeting: 24th June, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about sixty members and friends present.

New Members.—Dr. L. Cockayne, F.R.S.; Miss G. F. Gisbon, M.A.; Mr. H. F. Von Haast, M.A., LL.B.; and Miss Grace Crawford.

Lecture.—Miss B. Pullen-Burry, F.R.A. Inst., F.R.G.S., delivered a lecture on New Britain (German New Guinea), illustrated by a number of lanternslides.

Fourth Meeting: 22nd July, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about forty members and friends present.

New Members.—Mr. W. Gibson, B.E.; Mr. M. Ongley, M.A.; Mr. F. K. Broadgate, B.Sc.

Papers.—1. “Generalization of certain Elementary Propositions of Geometry,” by Professor D. K. Picken.

2. “Notes on Personal Equation.”

3. “Longitude of New Zealand,” by Mr. C. E. Adams.

– 638 –

Exhibits.—Exhibits by Mr. J. McDonald, Acting Director of the Museum, of Japanese articles presented to the Museum; of photographs of moa, Cygnus, and Notornis bones found recently in a cave near Pahiatua, and of a skull of Notornis.

Fifth Meeting: 23rd September, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about 160 members and friends present.

Lecture.—Professor Ernest W. Brown, M.A., Sc.D., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., Professor of Mathematics in the Yale University, New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., delivered a lecture on “The Moon,” in which he gave an interesting account of his recent work on the motion of the moon, and showed a number of lantern-slides illustrating the result of his work.

Special Meeting: 24th September, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and about sixty members and friends present.

Lecture.—Professor Ernest W. Brown delivered a lecture on “The Asteroids.”

The lecture was illustrated by lantern-slides, and the most recent researches on the motions of the asteroids were presented, and explanations given of periodic orbits.

Annual General Meeting: 28th October, 1914.
Dr. C. Monro Hector, President, in the chair, and eighteen members present.

New Members.—Mr. C. J. Freeman, Mr. W. Earnshaw, and Mr. H. Hamilton.

Annual Report and Balance-sheet.—The Secretary read the annual report and balance-sheet.

Professor Kirk, commenting on the reply received by the Society from the Postmaster-General as to wireless amateurs, stated that the society heard this reply with regret, and that the reply showed inability to grasp the position; and on his motion it was agreed that the incoming Council should raise the question again when conditions were normal.

The reports of the Astronomical, Technological, and Geological Sections were read and adopted.

The President congratulated all sections on the valuable work done.

Election of Officers for 1915.—President—Mr. Thomas King: Vice-Presidents—Dr. C. Monro Hector, Professor Kirk: Council—Mr. A. C. Gifford (Chairman, Astronomical Section), Mr. R. W. Holmes (Chairman, Technological Section), Mr. J. Allan Thomson (Chairman, Geological Section), ex officio; Mr. P. G. Morgan, Mr. G. Hogben, Dr. Cockayne, Mr. B. C. Aston, Mr. E. Parry, Professor Easterfield, Mr. S. H. Jenkinson: Secretary and Treasurer—Mr. C. E. Adams: Auditor—Mr. E. R. Dymock.

– 639 –

Papers.—1. “Notes on Notopanax arboreum,” by Miss E. M. Pigott; communicated by Professor Kirk.

Miss Pigott was congratulated on her paper by the President and by Dr. L. Cockayne. Professor Kirk gave a general review of the paper.

2. “Brachipod Genera: The Position of Shells with Magaselliform Loops, and of Shells with Bouchardiform Beak Characters.”

3. “Additions to the Knowledge of Recent Brachiopoda of New Zealand.”

4. “A Geological Map of the Waipawa District,” by Dr. Thomson.

5. “The Longitude, Latitude, and Height of the Hector Observatory,” by Mr. C. E. Adams.

6. “Plant-habitats Hitherto Unrecorded,” by Mr. B. C. Aston.

7. “Notes on the Taupo District,” by the Rev. H. J. Fletcher.

8. “On Ascidioclava parasitica,” by Professor Kirk.