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Volume 47, 1914
– 658 –

Nelson Institute.

Annual Meeting: 27th April, 1914.
Mr. T. A. H. Field, President, in the chair.

The annual report and balance-sheet was adopted. The financial position showed a credit balance of £2 7s. 11d.

Abstract of Report.

Reference was made to the revival of the Scientific Branch and to the series of meetings held during the year. At one of the meetings an instructive lecture was delivered by Mr. John Evershed, of Kodaikanal Observatory, India. The lecturer dealt with the subject of sun-spots, but incidentally he made numerous references to methods of observation, &c. Mr. Evershed stated that the scientific world owed a debt of gratitude to Mr. Thomas Cawthron for his offer of a solar observatory. The Royal Astronomical Society had passed a resolution appreciating the gift. The observatory would be admirably placed at Nelson, and the results obtained would be most useful.

Meetings.—The following papers have been read during this year (1914): Mr. F. G. Gibbs, M.A., on “The Proposed Cawthron Observatory, and explaining Mr. J. Evershed's Methods of Observation.”

Mr. W. F. Worley read two papers at successive monthly meetings, dealing with the bulletin on the Dun Mountain district, in which his observations led him to differ materially from the conclusions of those responsible for the bulletin.

Mr. F. V. Knapp dealt with “Shell-breaking Implements of the Maori,” and exhibited specimens from Rabbit Island. It was decided to forward the paper for publication in the Transactions.

Mr. E. L. Morley showed a cardboard model illustrating the relation of the orbit of the recent comet to the orbit of the earth.

Mr. Frank Whitwell gave an account of various rusts found in plants in the Nelson district.

Mr. H. P. Weshbourn gave an interim report on his investigations into the habits of the New Zealand eels.

Museum.—Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Thomas Cawthron, new cases with plate-glass fronts have been provided, and the exhibits are now shown to advantage. The attendance of visitors has been very satisfactory.

The Atkinson Observatory.—Mr. Morley continues in charge, and he reports a good attendance of visitors during the year.