Go to National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa
Volume 48, 1915
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III. Geology.

Art. I. Records of Unconformities from Late Cretaceous to Early Miocene in New Zealand. By P. G. Morgan, M.A., F.G.S. 1–18
II. The Geology of the Neighbourhood of Kakanui. By G. H. Uttley, M.A., M.Sc 19–27
III. On Stage Names applicable to the Divisions of the Tertiary in New Zealand. By J. Allan Thomson, M. A, D. Sc, F.G.S. 28–40
IV. Additions to the Knowledge of the Recent and Tertiary Brachiopoda of New Zealand and Australia. By J. Allan Thomson, M.A, D.Sc, F.G.S. 41–47
V. The Flint-beds associated with the Amuri Limestone of Marl-borough. By J. Allan Thomson, M.A, D.Sc, F.G.S. 48–58
VI. Block Mountains and a “Fossil” Denudation Plain in Northern Nelson. By C. A. Cotton, D.Sc, F.G.S. 59–75
VII. The “Red Rocks” and Associated Beds of Wellington Peninsula By F. K. Broadgate, M.Sc. 76–86
VIII. The Younger Limestones of New Zealand. By Professor P. Marshall, M.A, D.Sc, F.G.S. 8799
IX Relations between Cretaceous and Tertiary Rocks. By Professor P. Marshall, M.A, D.Sc, F.G.S. 100119
X. Some New Fossil Gastropods. By Professor P. Marshall, M.A, D.Sc, F.G.S. 120121
XIII. Terminology for Foraminal Development in Terebratuloids (Brachiopoda). By S.S. Buckman, F.G.S. 130132
XIV. High-water Rock-platforms: A. Phase of Shore-line Erosion By J. A. Bartrum 132134
XV. On the Occurrence of a Striated Erratic Block of Andesite in the Rangitikei Valley, North Island, New Zealand. By Professor James Park, F.G.S. 135137
XVI The Orientation of the River-valleys of Canterbury. By R. Speight, M.Sc, F.G.S 137144
XVII. Notes from the Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station. No. 2—The Physiography of the Cass District. By R. Speight, M.Sc. F.G.S. 145153