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Volume 48, 1915
– vii –

IV. Chemistry and Physics.

Art. XLVIII. Investigation into the Resistance of Earth Connections. By L. Birks, B.Sc., M.Inst.C.E., M.I.E.E., and Eric Webb, Lieut. R.E. (A.I.F.) 464481
XLIX. Resistance to the Flow of Fluids through Pipes. By E. Parry, M.I.E.E., Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. 481489
LIII. The Distribution of Titanium, Phosphorus, and Vanadium in Taranaki Ironsand. By W. Donovan, M.Sc. 503507
LV. Studies on the Lime Requirements of certain Soils. By Leonard J. Wild, M.A., F.G.S. 513517
LVI. Studies on the Chemistry of the New Zealand Flora: Part V— The Chemistry of Podocarpus totara and Podocarpus spicatus. By T. H. Easterfield and J. C. McDowell, B.Sc. 518520