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Volume 48, 1915

List of Plates.
(Text figures not included.)

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Thomson, J.A.—
  Plate I.— Recent and Tertiary Brachiopoda 46
  Plate II.—Section across Flint-beds, Mead Gorge 52
  Plate III.— View of Dip Slope of Flint-beds, Mead Gorge 52
Cotton, C.A.—
  Plate IV
  Fig 1. View looking South-westward across Gouland Downs 74
  Fig 2. Mount Perry and Eastern Margin of Gouland Downs 74
  Plate V
  Fig 1 Scarp of the Slate Range 74
  Fig. 2 Gorge of Blue Duck Creek 74
Broadgate, F. K.—
  Plate VI
  Fig 1. Greywackes with Argillite Inclusions, Makara Valley 78
  Fig 2. Green Argillite, partly reddened 78
  Plate VII
  Fig 1. Greywacke with Argillite Inclusions, Makara Valley 78
  Fig 2 Diabase Tuff, Red Rock Point 78
Marshall, P.—
  Plate VIII
  Fig 1 Limestone from Waiomio 90
  Fig. 2. Oamaru Stone 90
  Plate IX
  Fig. 1. Mokau Limestone 90
  Fig. 2 Horahora Limestone 90
  Plate X
  Fig. 1 Foraminiferal Limestone, Milburn 90
  Fig 2 Hydraulic Limestone, Kaiwaka 90
  Plate XI —New Fossil Gastropods 120
Mestayer, M.K.—
  Plate XII.—Mollusca from Dredgings off Northern Coasts of New Zealand 128
Bartrum, J. A.—
  Plate XIII.— The “Old Hat,” Russell, Bay of Islands 132
Park, J.—
  Plate XIV
  Fig. 1 Striated Andesitic Erratic near Mangaweka 136
  Fig. 2. Striated Sides and Under-surface of Mangaweka Erratic 136
Cockayne, L., and Foweraker, C. E.—
  Plate XV
  Fig. 1. Cass Plain 168
  Fig. 2. Prostrate and Erect Varieties of Podocarpus nivalis Hook 168
  Plate XVI —Cushion of Myosotis uniflora Hook. f. 176
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Holloway Rev. J. E.—
  Plate XVII.—Lycopodium laterale 282
  Plate XVIII.—Lycopodium cernuum 284
Aston, B. C.—
  Plates XIXXXII.—Vegetation of Tarawera Mountains 306
Bird, J. W.—
  Plate XXIII.—Rubus cissoides Leaves 322
  Plate XXIV
  Fig. 1. Tetrapathaea australis 322
  Fig. 2. Interior of Forest 322
  Plate XXV
  Fig. 1. Rubus subpauperatus 322
  Fig. 2. Muehlenbeckia australis 322
  Plate XXVIRubus cissoides. Curving of Climbing-leaves 322
Kirk, H. B —
  Plates XXVII, XXVIII.—Ophionereis schayeri 384
Archey, G.—
  Plate XXIX
  Figs 1, 2 Jasus hugelii 398
  Fig. 3. Jasus lalandii 398