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Volume 48, 1915
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– 203 –

Art. XXII.—Some Hitherto-unrecorded Plant-habitats (X).

[Read before the Wellington Philosophical Society, 27th October, 1915.]

1. Species From Various Localities.

Acaena saccaticupula Bitter.

South Island: (1.) Nelson—River-bed of the Clarence, near the accommodation-house; C. E. Christensen! (2.) Canterbury—Near Mount Cook; D. Petrie!

Aciphylla Colensoi Hook. f.

South Island: Marlborough—On coarse limestone debris, Woodside Creek, at almost sea-level. L. C.

Aciphylla squarrosa Forst. var.

South Island: Otago—Greatly increasing in amount in the enclosed part of the State plantation at Dusky Hill. L. C.

Angelica geniculata (Forst. f.) Hook. f.

South Island: Canterbury—In remains of forest near Culverden. Miss A. M. Budd.

Anisotome aromatica Hook. f.

South Island: Marlborough—Woodside Creek, at almost sea-level, on face of limestone cliff. L. C.

Aristotelia fruticosa Hook. f.

South Island: Canterbury—Banks Peninsula, rare. R. M. Laing.

Arthropodium cirratum (Forst. f.) R. Br.

South Island. Marlborough—Common on rocky headlands, Pelorus Sound. L. C.

Blechnum Banksii (Hook. f.) Mett.

North Island: Taranaki—Coastal cliff near Breakwater, New Plymouth. L.C.

Blechnum nigrum (Col.) Mett.

North Island: Wellington—Montane Nothofagus forest, Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley. L. C.

Celmisia Monroi Hook. f.

South Island: Nelson—On rock-face near accommodation-house, Clarence Valley. C. E. Christensen!

Celmisia petiolata Hook. f.

South Island: Canterbury—Craigieburn Mountains, on Harper Saddle. A. H. Cockayne!

– 204 –

Chordospartium Stevensoni Cheesem.

South Island: Marlborough—Avondale. C. de Vere Teschemaker Shute!

Clematis afoliata Buch.

South Island: Marlborough—(1.) Rocky ground, Avondale; L. C. (2.) On limestone debris, growing over Coprosma crassifolia, &c, near mouth of Flaxbourne Stream; L. C. Canterbury—(3.) At base of limestone bluffs between Rotherham and the River Waiau; L. C. (4.) On limestone rocks, Weka Pass hills; L. C.

Clematis marata J. B. Armstg.

South Island: Otago—Dusky Hill. L. C.

Coprosma crassifolia Col.

North Island: Wellington—Near Cape Turakirae. A. H. Cockayne and E. Bruce Levy!

Coprosma foetidissima Forst.

North Island: Wellington—Montane Nothofagus forest on Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley. L. C.

Coprosma tenuicaulis Hook. f.

South Island: (1.) Marlborough—Lowland swamp, Pelorus Valley; L. C. (2) Westland—In kahikatea forest near Ross, and probably else-where; L. C.

Cordyline indivisa (Forst. f.) Steud.

(1.) North Island: Wellington—Subalpine Nothofagus forest, Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley; L. C. (2.) South Island: Nelson—Forest of Motueka hills; F. W. Huffam and L. C.

Corokia Cotoneaster Raoul.

South Island: Nelson—On flattish limestone rocks in full sunshine, flattened to the rock. F. W. Huffam and L. C.

Dactylanthus Taylori Hook. f.

North Island: Taranaki—Forest at “Meeting of the Waters,” near New Plymouth, the plants extending thickly over an area of more than one acre. Mrs. L. S. Jennings!

Euphrasia zelandica Wettst.

South Island: Canterbury—Banks Peninsula. R. M. Laing.

Glaucium flavum Crantz.

South Island: Marlborough—Gravel beach at mouth of River Awatere L. C. (This is the first record of this introduced plant for the South Island.)

Hoheria angustifolia Raoul.

South Island: Marlborough—Pelorus Valley. J. Rutland

– 205 –

Helichrysum Purdiei Petrie.

South Island: Nelson—Bank of River Perceval, Hanmer, in company with H. glomeratum and H. bellidioides, and nowhere else. C. E. Christensen! (Only recorded previously from the west side of Dunedin Harbour, between Ravensbourne and Port Chalmers.)

Hymenophyllum ferrugineum Colla.

North Island: Wellington—(1.) On trunks of tree-ferns in kahikatea forest near Levin; L. C. (2.) On floor of montane Nothofagus forest, Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley; L. C.

Hymenophyllum Malingii (Hook.) Mett.

(1.) North Island: Wellington—On dead Libocedrus Bidwillii in forest on southern slopes of Mount Ruapehu; L. C. (2.) South Island: Nelson—Subalpine Libocedrus forest on Motueka hills; F. W. Huffam and L. C. (Probably H. Malingii occurs wherever there is Libocedrus Bidwillii.)

Korthalsella Lindsayi (Oliver) Engler.

North Island: Wellington—Parasitic on Muehlenbeckia Astoni near mouth of River Wainuiomata. A. H. Cockayne and E. Bruce Levy!

Linum monogynum Forst. f. var. chathamicum Cockayne.

North Island: Wellington—On rock near Wellington Harbour. Esmond Atkinson! (This variety, published in Trans. N.Z. Inst., vol. 34, 1902, p. 320, is not cited in Cheeseman's Manual.

Leptopteris superba (Col.) Presl.

North Island: Wellington—On floor of montane Nothofagus forest of Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley. L. C.

Metrosideros Colensoi Hook. f.

(1.) North Island: Taranaki—Forest near Moumahaki State Farm; L. C. (2) South Island: Marlborough—Common in forest near Woodside Creek; L. C.

Microseris scapigera (Forst. f.) Sch. Bip.

South Island: Marlborough—On coastal limestone rock near mouth of Flaxbourne Stream. L. C.

Muehlenbeckia Astoni Petrie.

South Island. Marlborough—Stony ground near mouth of Flaxbourne Stream. L. C. (Only two plants were noted, but probably others had been destroyed when the ground was “cleared.”)

Myosotis Forsteri Lehm.?

North Island: Wellington—On coastal cliffs between Happy Valley and Cape Terawhiti. L. C.

Myrtus Ralphii Hook. f.

South Island: Marlborough—Kenepuru Sound, in forest. L. C. (In Cheeseman's Manual Marlborough is given as a habitat, but no particular locality is cited.)

– 206 –

Nothofagus Menziesii (Hook. f.) Oerst.

North Island: Wellington—Montane forest of Rimutaka Mountains, east of Whiteman's Valley. L. C.

Nothofagus Solanderi (Hook. f.) Oerst.

South Island: Marlborough—Forest near Woodside Creek. L. C.

Notospartium Carmichaeliae Hook. f.

South Island: Marlborough—Rocky ground, Avondale; C. de Vere Teschemaker Shute!

Notospartium torulosum T. Kirk.

South Island: Nelson—Hanmer Plains neighbourhood. C. E. Christensen!

Nothopanax anomalum (Hook. f.) Seems.

South Island: Otago—Forest at Dusky Hill. L. C.

Olearia ilicifolia Hook. f.

North Island: Taranaki—Mount Egmont, in subalpme scrub; local F. G. Gibson and L. C. (According to Gibson, it occurs (1) here and there near the track from the Dawson Falls House to the North Egmont House; (2) at a spot called Holly Flat, near Bell's Falls, on the Pouakai Range, and (3) sparsely near Kahui House. It is quite wanting near the North Egmont House, and in most parts of the subalpine scrub.)

Olearia macrodonta Baker.

North Island. Taranaki—Mount Egmont (very rare) and Pouakai Range, especially at Holly Flat. A. H. Cockayne and L. C.

Orthoceras strictum R. Br.

South Island: Marlborough—Open ground on dry hillside near Kenepuru Sound. L. C.

Pittosporum divaricatum Cockayne.

South Island: Nelson—On almost flat limestone rocks in full sunshine, Motueka hills. F. W. Huffam and L. C.

Ranunculus lobularis (T. Kirk) Cockayne.

South Island: Marlborough—On face of limestone precipice, Woodside Creek, almost at sea-level; plentiful L. C.

Ranunculus ternatifolius T. Kirk.

South Island: Otago—Open wet floor of Nothofagus forest, Tapanui. L. C.

Senecio laxifolius Buch.

South Island. Nelson—Motueka hills. F. W. Huffam and L. C.

Teucridium parvifolium Hook. f.

South Island: Canterbury—Forest, base of Four Peaks Range. C. E. Foweraker.

– 207 –

Urtica ferox Forst. f.

South Island: (1.) Marlborough—Pelorus Sound; L. C. (2.) Canterbury —Amongst coarse limestone debris, Weka Pass Hills; L. C.

Veronica Cookiana Col.?

North Island: Taranaki—Sugarloaf, near New Plymouth. W. Waller! (I refer this with some degree of hesitation as above, since I have not been able to compare it with living material of V. Cookiana.)

Veronica elliptica Forst. f. var.

North Island: Taranaki—Coast of Mount Egmont peninsula. P. G. Morgan! (This highly interesting discovery extends considerably the hitherto recorded northern limit of distribution of this species. The specimens closely resemble the common form of the Otago fiords, but are not at all like the plant growing at Titahi Bay.)

South Island: Marlborough—Forsyth Island. (I only saw cultivated plants in the garden of Mr. Foote, but that gentleman stated they were collected in the above locality.)

Veronica Menziesii Benth.

South Island: Marlborough—Hill at back of Wilson Bay, Pelorus Sound, according to Mr. Foote.

Veronica rigidula Cheesem.

South Island: Marlborough—Hill at back of Wilson Bay, Pelorus Sound, according to Mr. Foote, in whose garden I noticed the shrub.

Wahlenbergia Matthewsii Cockayne.

South Island: Marlborough—On face of limestone cliff, in rock-crevices, Woodside Creek, almost at sea-level. L. C.

2. Species collected by Captain W. Waller on Motumahanga Rock, Taranaki.

Agropyron scabrum (Lab.) Beauv. var.

Apium prostratum (DC.) Lab. var.

Asplenium bulbiferum Forst. f. var.

—— flaccidum Forst. f. var.

—— lucidum Forst. f.

Blechnum Banksii (Hook. f.) Mett.

Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br.

—— Soldanella (L.) R. Br.

Carex testacea Sol.?

Crassula Sieberiana (Schultz) Cockayne.

Dactylis glomerata L.; introduced.

Dichondra repens Forst.

Geranium molle L.; introduced.

Halorrhagis erecta (Murr.) Schindl.

Linum monogynum Forst. f.

Lepidium oleraceum Forst. f. var. acutidentatum T. Kirk.

Lupinus arboreus Sims.

Luzula campestris DC. var.

– 208 –

Mariscus ustulatus (A. Rich.) C. B. Clarke.

Mesembryanthemum australe Sol. var. rubrum Cockayne, ined.

—— var. viride Cockayne, med

Muehlenbeckia complexa Meissn. var microphylla (Col.) Cockayne. var nov. (= M. microphylla Colenso in Trans. N. Z. Inst, vol 20 (1888), p. 204).

—— australis (A. Rich.) Meissn.

Phormium tenax Forst.

Phytolacca octandra L.; introduced.

Polypodium diversifolium Willd.

Pteridium esculentum (Forst. f.) Cockayne.

Rubus fruticosus L. var., introduced.

Salicornia australis Sol.

Sambucus nigra L.

Scirpus nodosus (R. Br.) Rottb.

Senecio lautus Forst. f. var.

Sonchus littoralis (T. Kirk) Cockayne.

Vicia sp. (not sufficient for identification); introduced.

3. List of Species omitted from the “Provisional List of Ferns and Flowering- Plants of the Port Hills” (Report on Scenery Reservation for 1915)

Nearly all the following species were supplied by Mr. R. M. Laing, B.Sc., M.A. Plants growing only on the actual coast were purposely omitted from the list.

Australina pusilla Gaud.

Rare. R. M. Laing.

Chenopodium triandrum Forst. f.

Common. R. M. Laing.

Cotula minor Hook. f.?

Very rare; only found in one locality, near the summit of the range.

R. M. Laing!

Cotula squalida Hook. f.

In damp ground, chiefly near the summit of the range. R. M. Laing!

Galium umbrosum Sol.

Plentiful. R. M. Laing.

Hedycarya arborea Forst.

Abundant in forest. R. M. Laing.

Hierochloe redolens (Forst. f.) R. Br.

Near Governor's Bay Road and elsewhere. R. M. Laing.

Lycopodium fastigiatum R. Br.

Only noted in the patch of forest beyond Kennedy's Bush. R. M. Laing.

– 209 –

Lycopodium varium R. Br.

Slope behind Lyttelton. R. M. Laing.

Lycopodium scariosum Forst. f.

Only noted in the patch of forest beyond Kennedy's Bush. R. M. Laing.

Mentha Cunninghamii Benth.

Plentiful in many places. R. M. Laing.

Mesembryanthemum australe Sol.

Above the track on Mount Pleasant. R. M. Laing.

Myosotis pygmaea Col.

Behind Governor's Bay.

Olearia avicenniaefolia (Raoul) Hook. f.

Behind Governor's Bay. R. M. Laing.

Olearia Forsteri Hook. f.

Common on rocks. L. C.

Podocarpus dacrydioides A. Rich.

Kennedy's Bush, but at present time only one tree observed. R. M. Laing.

Pterostylis graminea Hook. f.

Salt's Gully, near Lyttelton. R. M. Laing.

Pterostylis foliata Hook. f.

Heathcote Valley. Miss Holdsworth.

Ranunculus rivularis Banks & Sol. var. subfluitans Benth.

In ponds on the Cashmere Estate. R. M. Laing.

Scirpus nodosus (R. Br.) Rottb.

In the tussock grassland. R. M. Laing.

Styphelia fasciculata (Forst. f.) Diels.

Little Raupaki, &c. R. M. Laing.

Tetragonia expansa Murr.

Above track on Mount Pleasant. R. M. Laing.

Tetragonia trigyna Banks & Sol.

Above track on Mount Pleasant. R. M. Laing.