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Volume 48, 1915
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– 523 –

Thirteenth Annual Meeting.

Wellington, 28Th January, 1916.

The annual meeting of the Board of Governors was held in the Dominion Museum Library on Friday, the 28th January, 1916, at 10 a.m.

Present. Hon Mr Russell, Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. D. Petrie, President (in the chair); Mr Charles A. Ewen Mr. A. H. Turnbull, Di J Allan Thomson, Mr B C Aston, Professor T. H. Easter field, Professor H B Kirk, Professor H W. Segar, Dr Hilgendorf. Mr A M Wright, Professor Marshall, Mr. G. M. Thomson, Mr H Hill, Dr L Cockayne, Mr J W Povnton, and Dr Hatherly.

Changes in the Representation — The Secretary announced that the only changes in the representation were: Mr B. C Aston replaced Professor von Zedlitz as a Government representative; Dr Hilgendorf and Mr A M Wright replaced Dr C. C Farr and Mr. R. Speight for the Canterbury Philosophical Institute; Mr J. W. Poynton replaced Mr K Wilson for the Manawatu Philosophical Society.

President's Address—The President then read his annual address. (See p 530).

The Minister of Internal Affairs (Hon. Mr. Russell), by invitation of the Chairman, then addressed the meeting, and promised to meet the Board again later in the day. A hearty vote of thanks was unanimously accorded the Minister for his interesting and comprehensive address.

The Annual Reports of the Incorporated Societies for their last financial years were received, and ordered to he on the table. Dr. Hatherly explained why the Wanganui Philosophical Society's report had not been received.

– 524 –

Hon. Treasurer's Statements.—The statement of assets and liabilities of the Institute at the 31st December, 1915, and the statement of receipts and expenditure for the year ending 31st December, 1915, supported by the Public Trustee's certificates of the state of the Carter Bequest, the Hutton Memorial Fund, and the Hector Memorial Fund at the 31st December, 1915, all duly audited and signed by the Auditor-General, were, on the motion of Professor Kirk, seconded by Dr. Marshall, adopted.

Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for the Year Ending 31st December, 1915

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Receipts £ s d Expenditure £ s d
Balance at credit in Bank of New Zealand 494 18 3 Governors traveling expenses 32 14 8
Government grant 500 0 0 Fire-insurance premium 5 0 0
Transactions sold locally 1 14 0 Secretary's salary 50 0 0
“Maori Art sold. 8 8 0 Compiling card index 10 0 0
Bulletins sold 0 4 0 Bank charge 0 10 0
Public Trustee, Hutton Mcmorial Fund 15 0 0 Award to Mr Oliver, Hutton Memorial Fund 15 0 0
Authors reprints 8 4 5 Hon Editor, petty cash 3 0 0
Wesley and Son, London publications sold 11 10 4 Postage on Transactions 20 3 8
Postage refunded by societies 17 5 9 Secretary, petty cash 10 0 0
Hector Memorial Award 45 0 0 Hector Award to Mr Elsdon Best 45 0 0
Balance at Bank of New Zealand £17 7 2 Deposited in Post Office Savings-bank 500 0 0
Less unpresented cheque 25 0 0 Government Printer, Vol. 46 418 7 3
7 12 10
£1, 109 17 7 £1, 109 17 7
£ s d
Balance at credit of Institute in Post Office Savings-bank 300 0 0
Balance at Bank of New Zealand £17 7 2
Less unpresented cheque 25 0 0
7 12 10
Credit balance £492 7 2

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Statement of Liabilities and Assets at 31St December, 1915
Liabilities Assets
£ s d £ s d
Dec 31 To Balance due Government Printer 624 11 10
West Newman Account 1 1 0
Unpresented cheque 25 0 0
By Balance in Post Office Savings-bank 500 0 0
Accrued interest thereon at 3 per cent 10 0 0
Transactions, &c, sold—proceeds to come 12 1 5
Petty cash in hands of Secretary 5 18 9
Balance in Bank of New Zealand 17 7 2
650 12 10 545 7 4
Debit balance 105 5 6
£650 12 10 £650 12 10

The Institute has a large stock of Transactions on hand, valued as an asset at £750. The only other property possessed by the Institute is a very valuable scientific library.

– 525 –

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Carter Bequest.—Statement of Receipts and Expeenditure for The Year Ending 31st December, 1915.
Receipts £ s d. Expenditure. £ s. d.
Balance brought forward 3,582 5 1 Public Trust Office, commission, 2½ per cent, on 13s. 1d. 0 0 4
New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company (Limited)—Interest, 1st October, 1914, to 1st October, 1915 0 9 11 Petty expenses—Postages 0 1 0
Dividend (preference), 30th June, 1914, to 30th June, 1915 0 3 2 Balance 3,744 0 5
Public Trust Office, interest, 31st December, 1914, to 31st December, 1915 161 3 7
£3,744 1 9 £3,744 1 9

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Hutton Memorial Fund.—Statement of Receipts and Expenditure to 31st December, 1915.
Receipts £ s d Expenditure. £ s d.
Balance brought forward 722 15 9 New Zealand Institute Account: Grant to W. R. B. Oliver for 1914–15 15 0 0
Public Trust Office, interest, 31st December, 1914, to 31st December, 1915, at 4½ per cent 31 18 9 Public Trust Office, postages 0 1 0
Balance 739 13 6
£754 14 6 £ 754 14 6

[The section below cannot be correctly rendered as it contains complex formatting. See the image of the page for a more accurate rendering.]

Hector Memorial Fund—Statement of Receipts and Expenditure for Year Ending 31st December, 1915.
Receipts £ s d Expenditure. £ s. d
Balance brought forward 1,084 8 6 New Zealand Institute Account: Elsdon Best, Hector Prize for 1914 45 0 0
Public Trust Office, interest. 31st December, 1914, to 31st December, 1915 at 4 ½ per cent 47 2 6 Public Trust Office, postages 0 1 0
Balance 1,086 10 0
£1,131 11 0 £1, 131 11 0

A financial discussion followed, in which the propriety of asking for a contribution from each incorporated society was considered. On the motion of Dr J Allan Thomson, seconded by Dr L. Cockayne, it was resolved. That for every copy of the Transactions received by incorporated societies a contribution of 2s 6d. towards the cost of printing shall be made during the current year by such society.

Hutton Memorial Grants for Research.—A report from Mr. W. R. B. Oliver on the results of his research for the past year was received.

On the motion of Mr. G. M. Thomson, seconded by Professor P Marshall, it was resolved, That the sum of £25 be voted to the Portobello Marine Fish-hatchery for the purpose of prosecuting research on the distribution of native marine food fishes.

Standing Committee's Report.—The President moved the adoption of the Standing Committee's report—Carried.

– 526 –

Report of the Standing Committee

Five meetings of the Standing Committee have been held during the past year, the attendance being as follows. Mr. Petrie, 2; Dr. Cockayne, 5; Professor Easterfield, 2; Mr C. A. Ewen, 3; Mr Hill, 1, Professor Kirk, 2, Dr J Allan Thomson, 5; Mr. G. M. Thomson, 2; Professor von Zedlitz, 1.

Hector Memorial Award.—The presentation of the medal to Professor P. Marshall, of Otago University, took place on the 4th October, 1915, at a meeting of the Otago Institute, Mr. G. M. Thomson, a former President of the Otago Institute, making the presentation.

Hector Memorial Fund Research Grant.—Of the two grants to research workers made at the last meeting, only that to Mr Oliver was availed of. A progress report from him has been received. Dr Cotton, having received a grant from another body, has surrendered the grant made to him by the Institute, for which he has been thanked by the Standing Committee.

Publications—Volume 47 of the “Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute” was issued on the 12th July, 1915, and on the 16th three copies were received, and one was laid on the table of the Legislative Council on the 21st July, and one on the table of the House of Representatives on the 20th July, 1915. On the 2nd August the Government Printer delivered 223 volumes, and they continued to arrive in small lots, and were parcelled up and addressed until enough had been received to fill the New Zealand demands, which was not until the 20th August, when they were posted to members. An alteration in the manner of binding the Transactions has been introduced with vol 47, at the suggestion of the Secretary, who pointed out that a binding in what is known as quarter-bound boards, instead of the previous limp covers, could be obtained at very little additional expense. It is hoped that the innovation will meet with general approval.

Finances of the Institute —In view of the many demands made on the Government on account of the war, after interviewing the Hon the Minister of Internal Affairs on the matter of an additional vote it was decided not to proceed further at present with the motion passed at the last annual meeting. The Government Printer is willing to allow a portion of the debt for printing the publications to stand over, providing the greater portion be paid. The Standing Committee is of opinion that in view of the financial position of the Institute a levy on the incorporated societies should be made in the coming year. The motion regarding handing over the Institute library to the Board of Science and Art has been referred to that body by the Hon the Minister of Internal Affairs. Other motions passed at last annual meeting involving increased expenditure by the Government were also allowed to stand over in the meantime.

Decisions [ unclear: ] of the Standing Committee —(1) The storage of illustration blocks having been brought up by the Government Printer, the difficulty was disposed of by Dr Thomson offering to store them in the Museum, an offer which was thankfully accepted.

(2.) It has been decided to circulaize [ unclear: ] all public libraries in New Zealand to ascertain whether they would accept partial sets of Transactions as a donation from the Institute.

(3) The following have been placed on the list of those to whom the Transactions are yearly sent free :—

Southland Museum, Invercargill

Royal Scottish Geographical Society, Synod Hall, Castle Terrace. Edinburgh.

National Academy of Sciences, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, U S.

Other applicants for the exchange or the gift of isolated volumes have been also dealt with on their merits by this Committee.

(4) The Standing Committee have accepted a suggestion by the Publication Committee of allowing a Government Department to contribute the entire cost of preparing the figures for a paper which was submitted by a Government officer, who desired to publish the illustrations subsequently in a Government report.

Annual Reports and Balance-sheets of the following societies have been received :—

Auckland Institute, to 18th February 1915

Manawatu Philosophical Society, to 21st October, 1915

Otago Institute, to 30th November, 1915

Nelson Institute, to 31st December, 1915

Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute, to 23rd November, 1915

Wellington Philosophical Society, to 30th September 1915

Canterbury Philosophical Institute, to 31st October, 1915

– 527 –

The report and balance-sheet of the Wanganui Philosophical Society has not yet been received.

Memorial to the late Mr. Hamilton.—The Hamilton Memorial Committee reports that the fund collected for the memorial to the late Mr. Augustus Hamilton, amounting at present to £122 2s. 10d., is deposited in the Post Office Savings-bank. Arrangements are now in progress for the erection of a suitable monolith over the grave at Russell, Bay of Islands.

Stock of Transactions.—The Parliamentary Librarian having intimated that he can no longer store the immense stock of Transactions, some 15,000 volumes, the Standing Committee decided to circularize all public libraries in New Zealand asking if they would be willing to accept, as a donation, partial sets of those volumes of which the Institute possesses such a large supply. The Parliamentary Librarian has kindly consented to help in the clerical work of issuing the circulars, of which as many as four to five hundred may be needed. The only conditions it is at present contemplated to impose on the recipients are that the freight charges shall be paid by the receiving body, and that the volumes shall become the property of that body and not be disposed of According to the decision of the Standing Committee, inquiries were made, and as a result eighty replies have been received, seventy of them accepting and ten refusing the conditional offer of the Standing Committee. It is now for the annual meeting to decide what further steps shall be taken in the matter.

29th January, 1916

D. Petrie, President.

Hamilton Memorial Fund.—Professor Easterfield explained why it had been found necessary to depart from the original intended form of the memorial.

Hector Award for 1916.—Professor Segar proposed, and Mr. G. M. Thomson seconded, That the action of the Standing Committee in supplying information to the Hector Award Committee be confirmed.— Carried.

The President then opened the recommendation of the Committee of Award received from Professor Carslaw in a sealed envelope, and announced that the Committee had selected Sir Ernest Rutherford, F.R.S. The recommendation was adopted.

Publication Committee's Report.—The report of the Committee was adopted, as follows :—

Report of the Publication Committee.

The Publication Committee begs to submit the following report for the year :—

Sixty-four papers were sent in for the consideration of the Committee, and, of these, fifty-eight were published in the “Transactions of the New Zealand Institute,” vol 47, the others being withdrawn or declined. Of those finally accepted many were much condensed at the request of the Committee, and the number of illustrations accompanying them was very greatly reduced. In a few cases the preparation of the papers and the arrangement of the figures for publication gave far more than the usual amount of work and trouble.

Volume 47 of the Transactions was issued on the 12th July, 1915, being some-what later than usual owing to the cause just mentioned. It contains 704 pages, 12 plates, and a large number of text figures.

Bulletin No. 1, Part IV, on New Zealand Coleoptera, by Major T. Broun, was published on the 17th February, and contains 79 pages of text. A further instalment of MS. on the same subject had been received early in the year, and at the last annual meeting of the Board of Governors was referred to the Publication Committee for inquiry as to cost of publication, &c. An estimate has been received from the Printer, but owing to the state of the finances of the Institute the question of publication is held over for decision at the annual meeting.

Two lots of MS by Mr H. N. Dixon for the continuation of Bulletin No. 3, on New Zealand Bryology, have been received, and estimates of the cost of publication obtained for consideration at the annual meeting. The MSS. by Major Broun and Mr. Dixon are in safe keeping with the Government Printer.

At the last annual meeting the Committee was authorized to make arrangements for the publication of Dr. Mortensen's proposed report on the New Zealand Echinodermata, but Dr. Mortensen only recently reached Copenhagen, and no report has yet been received from him.

– 528 –

The estimates obtained by the Secretary from London firms of the cost of producing coloured illustrations have been considered by the Committee, which recommends that the question be held over till the finances of the Institute are in a better condition.

Towards the end of the year the Hon Editor resigned owing to the pressure of other work. Arrangements have been made for papers intended for the next volume of the Transactions to be sent to the Secretary pending the appointment of an Hon. Editor at the annual meeting.

For the Committee

Chas Chilton,

Retiring Hon Editor

It was proposed by Dr. Cockayne, seconded by Mr. Poynton, That a sum of £50 be voted out of the Hutton Memorial Fund towards the publication of the researches of Major Broun on New Zealand Coleoptera.—Carried.

On the motion of Dr. J. Allan Thomson, seconded by Dr. Hilgendorf, it was resolved. That the Publication Committee be directed to insert a notice in the Transactions stating the privileges of members in relation to the libraries of the Institute and of the incorporated societies.

Report of the Library Committee —The report of the Committee was adopted, as follows :—

Report of Library Committee

The [ unclear: ] rearrangement of the library, forecasted in the report of last year, has been completed, and it is now possible to trace easily the publications of any given society or institution. Your Committee feels that the facilities offered by the library are not understood by the majority of members outside Wellington, and recommends that a notice should be inserted annually in the Transactions stating the privileges of members and the conditions under which books may be lent through the post. The Librarian is always willing to answer queries from individual members as to whether or not any given book is in the library.

Although a large number of valuable journals are received annually in exchange for the Transactions, the number of societies with whom exchanges are effected bears a very small proportion to the number of societies which publish papers likely to be of interest to scientific workers in New Zealand, while the absence of many societies of the first importance from the exchange list is a matter of surprise and regret. This has a double aspect, for it means also that the Transactions are not available to, and are therefore not read by, the majority of scientific workers outside New Zealand. For instance, only seventeen universities and colleges outside New Zealand appear in the list of free copies, while in 1914 only seventeen copies were sold outside the Dominion. Your Committee has therefore drawn up a list of over eight hundred societies and institutions with which exchanges might be effected, and recommends that proposals to two hundred of these should be made during the current year.

J Allan Thomson.

Hon Libiarian

Dr. J Allan Thomson moved, Dr. Cockayne seconded, and it was unanimously resolved. That a set of the publications as complete as possible be presented to the University of Louvain.

The Secretary explained the difficulty which had arisen with regard to the storage of the large excess of the back numbers of the Transactions, and detailed the steps taken by the Standing Committee in circularizing libraries. A letter from the Hon. the Minister of Internal Affairs, dated the 26th November, 1915, was read dealing with the same subject.

On the motion of Dr. J. Allan Thomson it was resolved, That the Standing Committee be authorized to dispose of the stock of Transactions for those years in which the number is in excess of 200 by gift to suitable institutions or by sale at reduced terms.

– 529 –

Professor Easterfield moved, Mr. Ewen seconded, and it was resolved, That a statement be printed on the back of the forthcoming volume of the Transactions intimating that certain volumes of the Transactions are available to members at 2s. each, inclusive of postage.

On the motion of Dr. J. Allan Thomson it was resolved, That the Standing Committee be authorized to increase the exchange list.

On the motion of Mr. J. W. Poynton, seconded by Dr. Cockayne, it was resolved. That the storage of the excess volumes of Transactions be dealt with by the Standing Committee as they find necessary.

On the motion of Mr. G. M. Thomson, seconded by Dr. Cockayne, it was resolved, That the Minister of Internal Affairs be asked to obtain, if possible, a grant to enable the Board of Governors of the Institute to distribute spare volumes of Transactions to public libraries, secondary and technical schools of the Dominion, branches of the Teachers' Institute, &c; also to suitably bind and forward the set of Transactions voted by the Institute to the University of Louvain.

Correspondence.—Letters were read and received from the Under-Secretary of the Internal Affairs Department relating to the Nobel Peace Prize (11/1/16), Kidnappers Reserve (21/9/15), Science and Art Board (12/3/15), from the Secretary of the Marine Department (24/3/15) re Catalogue of Fishes, from Dr J. Allan Thomson regarding a paper by Mr. S S. Buckman; and from the Wellington Philosophical Society regarding the date for sending in papers for publication (7/10/15). It was decided to refer Dr Thomson's application to the Publication Committee, and to take no action in regard to the Wellington Philosophical Society's application.

International Catalogue of Scientific Literature.—It was decided to lefer the matter of compiling the annual catalogue for the New Zealand Regional Bureau to the Standing Committee to take such action as they deem suitable.

Election of Officers —On the motion of the President, Professor Benham was unanimously elected President of the New Zealand Institute for the ensuing year. The following officers were also elected: Hon. Treasurer— Mr C. A. Ewen, Hon Editor—Dr L. Cockayne; Joint Hon. Editor— Dr C. A. Cotton (subject to his acceptance), Hon. Librarian—Dr. J Allan Thomson; Hon. Secretary—Mr. B. C Aston; Publication Committee—The Hon Editors, Professors Easterfield and Kirk, Dr. J Allan Thomson, and Mr. Aston; Library Committee—Dr. Cotton, Dr. Cockayne, and the Hon. Librarian were re-elected; Hector Award Committee for 1917 (subject Zoology)—Professors Haswell, of Sydney, and Baldwin Spencer, of Melbourne.

Travelling-expenses.—Mr C. A. Ewen moved, and Professor Easter-field seconded, That the travelling-expenses of this meeting be reimbursed by the Institute —Carried.

Election of Honorary Member.—Professor Jean Massart, of the University of Brussels, was elected.

Date and Place of next Annual Meeting.—On the motion of Professor Segar, seconded by Professor P. Marshall, Tuesday, 30th January, 1917. at Wellington, were fixed as the date and place of the next annual meeting.

– 530 –

Vote of Thanks.—On the motion of Mr. G. M. Thomson, seconded by Professor Kirk, it was resolved. That the Board pass a very hearty vote of thanks to Dr Chilton for his valuable services as Hon Editor during the past six years.

Government Grants.—The Hon. the Minister of Internal Affairs attended the meeting again at the close, when Mr. G. M. Thomson's motion regarding a request for a grant was read to him. The Hon. Mr. Russell again addressed the meeting, and promised to giant the application for funds to distribute the excess of Transactions and to bind a set of the Institute's publications in half-calf for the University of Lovain; and also to donate to that university any scientific Government publications which were available. He further promised to recommend to Cabinet the authorization of an additional grant to the Institute of £250, to be specially spent in furthering one or more branches of research not hitherto provided fon from the Institute's funds; the Minister to be informed of those subjects on which the vote is to be spent, the only proviso being that the subject should have as practical an object as possible. A vote of thanks to the Minister for his attendance and offer was unanimously carried.

A vote of thanks to the President and officers concluded the business Confirmed 29th January, 1916.

D Petrie, President.