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Volume 48, 1915
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Wellington Philosophical Society.

First Meeting: 28th April. 1915

Mr T King, F.R A S., President, in the chan, and about forty members present

New Members —Professor D M Y Sommerville, M A, D Sc, FRSE, Professor E Marsden, D Sc; Mr. C. J Westland, FRAS, Miss Ellen Pigott, M A., Miss Elizabeth Pigott, M.A

New Section.—The formation of a Literary Section was approved

Rearrangement of the Library—Dr J A Thomson reported on the rearrangement of books in the library

Presidential Address —Mr T King delivered his presidential address, dealing with the war and the duties of scientific societies during its continuance.

Paper.—“Maori Ait in the Arawa Country,” by Mr James Cowan, communicated by the President.

Second Meeting 26th May, 1915

Mr T King, FRAS, President, in the chan, and about forty members and friends present.

New Members—Mr W Donovan, M Sc, Mr. H. S. Tily, and S John Findlay, K C.

Papers —1 “The Botany of the Kaikoura Mountains.” by Mr B C Aston, FCS, FIC

2 “Fault Coasts,” by Dr. C A Cotton, FGS

Third Meeting 23rd June, 1915

Mr T King, FRAS, President, in the chan, and about forty-five members and friends present

Address —“A Review of Maori Ait,” by Dr A K Newman, M P

Paper —“The Maon as a Voyager.” by Mr. Elsdon Best

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Fourth Meeting: 28th July, 1915.

Mr T. King, F.R.A.S., President, in the chair, and about a hundred members and friends present.

Address.—“A Few Minutes with Microbes,” by Dr. J. M. Mason, F.C.S., D.P.H.

Kinematography Exhibition—Mr J. McDonald exhibited a number of films of scientific interest.

Fifth Meeting. 25th August, 1915.

Mr. T. King, F R A.S., President, in the chair, and about twenty-five members and friends present

New Member.—Mr. J. W. Burbidge, M.Sc.

Lecture. —“Indonesia to Hawaiki and the Land of Hiwa,” by Mr F W Christian, corresponding member of the Polynesian Society of New Zealand.

Sixth Meeting: 22nd September, 1915.

Mr. T. King, F.R A.S., President, in the chair, and about twenty-five members and friends present.

Addresses.—“The Manufacture of Searchlight Carbons,” and “The Preparation of Morphia from Confiscated Opium,” by Professor T. H. Easterfield, M.A., Ph.D

Papers— 1 “East Coast Earthquakes, September to November, 1914,” by Mr. G. Hogben, C M.G., F.G.S.

2 “Catalogue of Changes proposed in the New Zealand Flora (Vascular Plants only) since the Appearance of Cheeseman's Manual in 1906,” by Dr. L. Cockayne, F R.S.

3. “Notes on the Plant Ecology of the Awatere River Basin, together with a List of the Vascular Plants,” by Dr. L. Cockayne, F R.S.

4. “Notes on the Occurrence of the Genus Trachrpterus in New Zealand,” by Mr H Hamilton.

5. “Records of Unconformities from Late Cretaceous to Early Miocene in New Zealand,” by Mr. P. G. Morgan, M.A.

6. “The Continental Shelf,” by Dr C A Cotton, F G.S

7. “Notes on some of the Coast Features of New Zealand,” by Dr. C. A Cotton, F.G.S.

8. “Notes on Puccinea otagoensis found on Clematis,” by Miss H. Jenkins, M.A

9 “Early Stages in the Development of Dolichoqlossus otagoensis,” by Professor H. B. Kirk, M.A.

10 “On the Gonoducts of the Porcupine-fish (Dicotylichthys jaculiferus Cuvier),” by Professor H B. Kirk, M A

11 On Stage Names applicable to the Divisions of the Tertiary in New Zealand,” by Dr J Allan Thomson, F G.S

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Annual General Meeting. 27th October, 1915

Mr T. King, F.R.A S, President, in the chair, and twenty-eight members and friends present.

Annual Reports.—The annual report and balance-sheet, the report of the Hamilton Memorial Committee, the report of the Library Committee, and the annual reports of the Astronomical, Technological, and Geological Sections were read and adopted

Abstract of the Annual Report

During the year there have been eight general meetings of the society, seven meetings of the Astronomical, eight of the Geological, and seven of the Technological Section.

At the general meetings seven lectures or addresses have been delivered, and twenty-five papers presented, which may be classified as follows Ethnology, 5, botany, 10, geology. 9, ichthyology, 1, zoology, 4, chemistry, 2, and 1 of a more general character The average attendance at the general meetings was oven fifty.

The Sections—The Astronomical, Geological, and Technological Sections have been very active, and a number of important papers have been read before them.

Membership.—Two members of the society have died during the year, fifteen have resigned their membership, four have been struck off the roll Twelve new members have been elected The roll at present contains 169 names, including those of ten life members and of seven on active service Members on active service retain the full privileges of membership (including the right to the annual volume) without payment of any subscription during the time they are on active service.

Hamilton Memorial —The fund collected to provide a memorial to the late Mr. Augustus Hamilton, amounting now to £122 2s 10d, is deposited in the Post Office Savings-bank. Arrangements are now in progress for the erection of a suitable monolith over the grave at Russell, in the Bay of Islands.

Finance.—The receipts during the year amounted to £189 2s 9d, and the total payments to £172 18s. 2d., including £60 17s. 4d spent on the library The Life Subscription Fund, with accrued interest, amounts to £80 7s Id, and the Research Fund to £47 12s. 2d These two funds are invested with the Public Trustee A sum of £122 2s 10d has been deposited in the Post Office Savings-bank, leaving a balance of £43 8s 8d. in the current account at the Bank of New Zealand.

The report of the Astronomical Section shows that the Proctor Library Fund in connection with the proposed Solar Physics Observatory now amounts to £80 11s 10d.

Astronomical Section.—The meetings have been well attended, the average number of members present at each meeting being twenty-five The total number of members of the Philosophical Society who are registered as members of the Astronomical Section is sixty The observatory at Kelburn has been open to the general public on fine Tuesday evenings from 7.30 to 9 30 p m During the absence of Dr C E Adams, Mr C J Westland, Acting Government Astronomer, has acted as Director and Curator of Instruments Some very fine photographs of star clusters, nebulae, &c, have been presented to the section by Mr A C Gifford. and these are now hung on the walls of the ante-room Arrangements have been made with the Dunedin Astronomical Society to exchange papers of interest, and two such papers have been read during the year The credit balance of the section, as shown by the balance-sheet, stands at £32 5s 7d

Geological Section —On two occasions since the last annual meeting the section has been favoured with addresses by visiting geologists of note—Professors W M Davis and J P Iddings A considerable number of papers have been read members, and many interesting exhibits have been made.

Technological Section —The active membership of the section is about fifty and an average attendance of about twenty-five has been the rule During the year nine papers were read, all of high character and interesting nature. The question of a technical library in Wellington is under consideration, and there are good prospects that a definite result will ensue next year, as a practicable scheme has been formulated.

Revision of Rules.—Dr J. A Thomson presented the report of the Revision of Rules Committee, and gave notice that he would move the adoption of the rules suggested by the Committee.

– 537 –

Election of Officers for 1916.—President—Mr. Thomas King; Vice-Presidents—Dr. C. M. Hector and Dr. J. A. Thomson; Council—Mr. C. G. G. Berry (Chairman, Astronomical Section), Mr. G. Hogben (Chairman, Geological Section), Mr. E. Parry (Chairman, Technological Section), Dr. L. Cockayne, Professor H. B. Kirk, Professor T. H. Easterfield, Mr. B. C. Aston, Mr. P. G. Morgan, Dr. C. A. Cotton, Mr. S. H. Jenkinson; Secretary and Treasurer— Mr. A. C. Gifford; Auditor—Mr. E. R. Dymock.

Address.—“Block Mountains in New Zealand,” by Dr. C. A. Cotton, F.G.S.

Papers.— 1.“Records of Unconformities from Late Cretaceous to Early Miocene in New Zealand,” by Mr. P. G. Morgan, M.A.

2. “Maori and Maruiwi,” by Mr. Elsdon Best.

3. “On the Much-abbreviated Development of a Sand-star (Ophionereis schayeri?),” by Professor H. B Kirk, M.A.

4 “The ‘Red Rocks’ and Associated Beds of Wellington Peninsula,” by Mr. F. K. Broadgate, M.Sc.

5. “Some Hitherto-unrecorded Plant-habitats (No. 10),” by Dr. L. Cockayne, F.R.S.

6 “Notes on New Zealand Floristic Botany, including Descriptions of New Species (No. 1),” by Dr. L. Cockayne, F.R.S.

7 “Preliminary List of Mollusca from Dredgings taken off the Northern Coasts of New Zealand,” by Miss Marjorie K. Mestayer; communicated by Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S.

8 “Additions to the Knowledge of the Recent and Tertiary Brachiopoda of New Zealand and Australia,” by Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S.

9. “On the Geology of the Neighbourhood of Kakanui, Otago,” by Mr G. Uttley, M.Sc.; communicated by Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S.

10. “On the Flint-beds associated with the Amuri Limestone of Marlborough,” by Dr. J. Allan Thomson, F.G.S.

11. “Note on Matai Beer,” by Professor Easterfield and Mr. J. C. McDowell, B.Sc.

12 “Studies in the Chemistry of the New Zealand Flora: Part V—The Chemistry of Podocarpus totara and Podocarpus spicatus,” by Professor Easterfield and Mr. J. C. McDowell, B.Sc.

13 “Block Mountains and a ‘Fossil’ Denudation Plain in Northern Nelson,” by Dr. C. A Cotton, F.G S.

14 “List of Foraminifera dredged from 15′ South of the Big King at 98 Fathoms Depth,” by R L Mestayer.

Special General Meeting 8th December, 1915.

Mr T King, F R.A.S., President, in the chair, and about fifty-five members and friends present.

Lecture —“The Physiology of Scenery,” by Dr. L Cockayne, F.R.S.

Papers —(1) “A Comparison of the Montane Floras of the North Island,” (2) “Plant-habitats Hitherto Unrecorded,” and (3) “Wellington Island Florulas,” by Mr. B C Aston, F.C.S., F.I.C.