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Volume 48, 1915
– 539 –

Technological Section.

The following papers were read during the year: (12th May) Technical Education,” by Mr. W. S. La Trobe, M.A.: (9th June) “Fluid Friction in Pipes,” by Mr. E. Parry, B.Sc.: (14th July) “The Electron Theory of the Conduction of Electricity,” by Professor Marsden: (11th August) “The Collection of Hydrographic Data for Engineering Problems, with Special Reference to the Upper Taieri Basin,” by Mr F W. Furkert, A.M.Inst.C.E.: (8th September) “Some Tests of Heat and Electrical Insulators,” by Mr G. B. Dall; “The Regulation of Water Turbines,” by Mr. A. D. Cook, M.Sc.: (13th October) “The Manufacture of Iron and Steel in New Zealand,” by Mr. S. H. Jenkinson (10th November) “An Extension of the Theory of Fluid Friction,” by Mr. E Parry, B.Sc.; “The Distribution of Titanium, Phosphorus, and Vanadium in Taranaki Ironsand,” by Mr. W. Donovan, M.Sc.

The Committee for 1916 was elected as follows: Chairman—Mr. E. Parry, B Sc; Vice-Chairmen—Mr. J. Marchbanks, M.Inst.C.E., Mr. F W Furkert, A M.Inst.C.E., Committee—Mr. A. Atkins, F.R.I.B.A., Mr. W Ferguson, M.Inst C.E, Mr R. W. Holmes, M.Inst.C.E, Professor Marsden, Mr. W. Morton, M.Inst.C.E., Mr. H. Sladden (of Surveyors' Board); Hon. Secretary—Mr S H. Jenkinson.