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Volume 48, 1915
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Philosophical Institute of Canterbury.

First Meeting. 5th May, 1915.

Present: Dr. Chilton, in the chair, and seventy-five others.

Ex-Presidential Address —“Nitrates and the War,” by Dr W P Evans.

Second Meeting 2nd June, 1915.

Present: Mr. A D. Dobson, President, in the chair, and sixty others.

New Members —Mis Humphreys, Messrs G E. Blanch, H T Ferrar, W. O. R Gilling, W. Martin, P. S Nelson, H. Rands, H V Rowe, and George Scott, Drs H T Thacker, J P Whetter, and J. C Pairman.

Address.—“Flight,” by Professor R J Scott.

Third Meeting 7th July, 1915.

Present. Mr A. D Dobson, President, in the chair, and forty-five others.

New Members —Messrs. W Murray, C MacIndoe, E E. Stark, J Stevenson, R. E Alexander, H A. Knight, A. V Mountford, John W Garton, H D Broadhead, and Rev. A T Thompson.

Papers.—1 “On an Exhibit of Acorns and Leaves of Oaks grown by the Author at Greendale, Canterbury, New Zealand,” by Mr T W Adams.

2 “The Norfolk Island Species of Pteris,” by Mr. R M. Lang.

3 “Investigations into the Resistance of Earth Connections,” by Messrs. L Birks and Eric Webb.

Fourth Meeting 4th August, 1915

Present Mr. A. D. Dobson, President, in the chair, and forty others.

New Members.—Messrs. H. C. Brent and C E St John Microscopical Evening, under the direction of Mr. C B. Morris.

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Fifth Meeting: 1st September, 1915.

Present Mr A. D. Dobson, President, in the chair, and forty others.

Papers.—1. “A Note on the Estimation of the Increase of Iron Loss with Load in a Direct-current Machine,” by Mr. P. H. Powell.

2. “On the Inheritance of Wool,” by Mr. H. T. Ferrar.

3. “On the Rate of Growth of certain English Trees,” by Mr. E. F. Stead.

4 “The Orientation of the River-valleys of Canterbury,” by Mr. R. Speight.

5. “On the Inscribed Parabola,” by Mr. E. G. Hogg.

Sixth Meeting: 6th October, 1915.

Present. Mr A D. Dobson, President, in the chair, and sixty others.

Address —“Biology and Economics of Bread,” by Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf.

Seventh Meeting: 3rd November, 1915.

Present: Mr. A. D. Dobson, President, in the chair, and thirty others.

New Member.—Miss Ferrar.

Papers.—1 “Notes on some occidae in the Canterbury Museum,” by Mr G. Brittin.

2. “New Coccidae,” by Mr. G. Brittin

3 “Studies in the New Zealand Species of the Genus Lycopodium, Part I,” by Rev. J. E. Holloway.

4 “Observations on the Lianes of the Ancient Forest of the Canterbury Plains,” by Mr. J. W. Bird.

5 “Notes on the Marine Crayfish of New Zealand,” by Mr. G. E. Archey.

6 “A New Species of Orchestia,” by Dr. Charles Chilton.

7 “Some Australian and New Zealand Gammaridae,” by Dr. Charles Chilton.

8 “Physiography and Geological History of Banks Peninsula,” by Mr R Speight.

Annual Meeting 1st December, 1915.

Present: Mr. A. D Dobson. President, in the chair, and forty others.

Annual Report.—The annual report and balance-sheet were adopted.


The number of Council meetings held during the year was eleven. The Council nominated Dr Charles Chilton to be representative of this Institute on the Board of Trustees of the Riccarton Bush. On the suggestion of the Council of the Institute, the Mayor accorded a civic welcome to the scientific members of the Magnetic Survey vessel “Carnegie”

– 546 –

Eight meetings of the Institute have been held during the year, at which the following addresses were delivered: “Nitrates and the War” (ex-presidential address), by Dr. W. P. Evans; “Flight,” by Professor R. J. Scott; “Biology and Economics of Bread,” by Dr. F. W. Hilgendorf; also a “Microscopical Evening” was held under the direction of Mr. C. B Morris. In addition to these, twenty-one papers have been read, which may be classified as follow: Botany, 7; geology, 4; mathematics, 1; zoology, 6; engineering, 2; chemistry, 1.

During the year twenty-six new members have been elected, and eleven have either resigned or have been struck off the roll, so that the number now stands at 179.

The Council desires to place on record that the following members of the Institute are now on active service in various parts of the Empire: Hon R Heaton Rhodes, Drs Acland, Irving, and Whetter, Messrs L S Jennings, H Lang, F. S Wilding, A. Taylor, and Major A. A. Dorrien Smith, D.S O.

Arthur's Pass Tunnel Investigation: The usual temperature observations have been continued, and specimens of rock were received for examination, thus keeping the series complete.

The Council at several of its meetings during the year had under consideration the question of the publication of an account of the natural history of Canterbury, but after due consideration, while approving of the scheme, the Council decided that, in view of the present war-conditions, further consideration of the matter should be postponed until 1916. The Council desires to express its appreciation to Mr T. D. Burnett, who has offered to donate the sum of £10 towards a certain portion of this investigation.

The Institute's representative on the Board of Trustees of the Riccarton Bush reports that the control of the bush has been taken over by the trustees and a Ranger appointed The bush has been securely fenced, elderberry and other introduced plants are being carefully removed, and a few narrow paths have been made. It is hoped, as soon as sufficient funds are available, to erect a cottage for the Ranger, and to allow the bush to be visited by members of the public under the conditions necessary for its due preservation.

The library has been maintained in an efficient condition during the past year, and has been considerably increased by various gifts and purchases.

The balance-sheet shows that during the vear the receipts were £227 2s 11d This includes a balance of £22 11s 5d. carried forward from last year, and a sum of £52 transferred to the ordinary account from deposit with the Permanent Investment and Loan Association The expenditure amounted to £112 13s 3d, of which £73 12s. was spent on the library The balance to the credit of the Institute in the Bank of New Zealand stands at £114 9s 8d The Council has decided to accord all members who are on active service the privilege of membership without payment of subscriptions.

Election of Officers for 1916 —President—Mr. L Birks, Vice-Presidents—Messrs. A. D. Dobson and R. Speight; Secretary—Mr. A, M. Wright; Treasurer—Dr. Charles Chilton; Librarian—Mr E G Hogg, Council—Drs F J. Borrie, C Coleridge Farr, and F. W. Hilgendorf, and Messrs R M Laing, G. E Archey, and L P. Symes, Representatives on the Board of Governors of the New Zealand Institute—Dr Hilgendorf and Mr A M Wright, Auditor—Mr G E Way.

Papers.—1 “Studies on the Lime Requirements of certain Soils,” by Mr. L. J. Wild.

2 “The Succession of Tertiary Beds in the Pareora District,” by Mr M C Gudex

3 “Notes from the Canterbury College Mountain Biological Station”: “No. 2, The Physiography of the Cass District, by Mr R Speight, “No 3, Some Economic Considerations concerning Montane Tussock Grassland,” by Mr A. H. Cockayne; “No 4, The Principal Plant Associations in the Immediate Neighbourhood of the Station,” by Dr L Cockayne and Mr. C E. Foweraker.