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Volume 48, 1915
– 550 –

Technological Branch

Five meetings were held during 1915, and the following papers and addresses were read: (18th May) “The Future of Otago Harbour,” by Mr. J. B. Mason; (15th June) “The Forth Bridge,” by Mr J B Mason; (20th July) “The Economics of Agriculture,” by Mr. H Mandeno; (17th August) “The Silting of Warpori River,” by Mr. R. T Stewart; (19th October) “The Strength of Materials,” by Professor James Park.

At the meeting of the 10th October the annual report was read and adopted, and the following officers for 1916 were elected: Chairman—Mr. J. B. Mason; Vice-Chairmen—Professors J. Park and D. B Waters, and Mr B. B. Hooper; Hon. Secretary—Mr. H. Brasch, Committee—Messrs. G. W. Davies, H. Mandeno, W D R McCurdie, G. Simpson, and R. N. Vanes.