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Volume 48, 1915
– 551 –

Nelson Institute.

During 1915 four ordinary general meetings were held, at which the following papers were read: (26th April), “Maori Implements in the Museum,” by Mr. F. V. Knapp; (31st May) “Rusts,” by Mr. F. Whitwell; (5th July) Miscellaneous Items; (6th September) “Maori Implements in the Museum, Part 2,” by Mr. F. V Knapp.

At the annual meeting, 20th December, 1915, the annual report and balance-sheet were read and adopted.


Early in the year it was decided to open the Atkinson Observatory to the public every Tuesday evening, weather permitting, and, though weather-conditions have been to a great extent unfavourable, the proposal met with fair success, particularly during the visit of Mellish's Comet in June.

It was with great regret that news was received of the death of the late Mr Thomas Cawthron During recent years Mr. Cawthron, whose many benefactions to Nelson are well known, had made several gifts of great value to the Museum Among these may be mentioned a very fine set of show-cases in which to set out the Museum exhibits, and a splendid collection of curios purchased from Mr Lakins, the chief value of which lay in its collection of Maori implements, some of which are unique.

Election of Officers for 1916.—President—Mr. G. J. Lancaster; Committee—Messrs. F G. Gibbs, F. V. Knapp, W. F. Worley, T. A. H. Field, M P, H P. Washbourn, J. Strachan, G. R. Wise, and F. Whitwell; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer—Mr. E. L. Morley; Hon. Auditor—Mr. F. Whitwell.